Tuesday, August 7, 2012

!! Two Year Anniversary !!

Today is August 7, 2012...
also known as
Brett and my two year wedding anniversary!!

I really can't believe it's already been two years.
It feels like just yesterday we were strolling through the woods in our wedding attire.
These past two years have been some of the best of my life.
I am so lucky to get to spend every single day enjoying life with my best friend.
I know everyone says that, but Brett really is my best friend.
I can't imagine going on adventures and exploring this amazing world with anyone else.

Babe, I LOVE you!
Can't wait to celebrate tonight and open our box!!

(Want to see more photos from our wedding?  Click here!)


  1. Happy anniversary! :) SO happy to hear when people really are married to their best friend! :) I am too!

  2. happy anniversary! those woods are amazing! i had sunflowers at my wedding too. we are wedding flower twins!

  3. Happiest of all anniversaries to you!! You and your husband are such a breath of fresh air to me - I just read your box post from last year and it put the biggest smile on my face! I hope you guys enjoy this evening - I can't wait to hear how you celebrated!


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