Monday, January 20, 2014

Since We've Been Back...

A few updates of life back in Pittsburgh so far...

...We moved into a cute little rental house (with this great view out back!)...
You might be thinking, 'Wait, don't you own a house in Pittsburgh?!'
Yes, we do!  But when we moved to California,
we rented our house out to a sweet family and their lease doesn't end until July 1st.
Since we ended up moving back to Pittsburgh sooner than planned,
we are renting a cute little house a few neighborhoods away until we can move back into our home.

...I got a new job (and get to work next to this beauty)!...
While Brett went right back to the company that he worked for before we moved to California
(which he also worked for remotely from California),
I was looking for something new.  And I found it!
I hopefully start this week or the beginning of next.

...We've been spending a lot of time with family and friends...
It is so so nice to be home and able to see everyone!

...We visited Phipps Conservatory for their special holiday exhibits...
This is a yearly tradition and I'm so glad we made it home in time to continue on this year!

...We made a trip downtown to the Strip District...
This is one of our favorite spots in Pittsburgh and we couldn't wait to go again!
Fresh produce and fish, varieties of authentic foods, and tons of true friendly Pittsburghers.

...We had lunch at Primanti Brothers...
You can't go too long in Pittsburgh before stopping in for a famous fries & coleslaw sandwich!

...We also couldn't wait to get down to Fathead's...
One of our most favorite brewpubs in Pittsburgh!  Headwiches & awesome beers, yes please!

...We did our first hike of 2014...
We love Mingo Creek Park!

...I had a girls day downtown with my mom and sister...
We had lunch by the river, visited the Mattress Factory Museum, and stumbled upon "Randyland".
(More on that later...)

...And we just celebrated our 8 year anniversary of being together...
See, there's always a reason to bake cookies. :)

We are really happy to be home.  Everything just feels right about being back in Pittsburgh.  It really is where we belong.  We had the time of our lives living in California for a while and wouldn't trade those experiences and memories for the world.  But now it's onto the next adventure.  Let's see what 2014 has in store for us! :)

Cheers friends and happiest new year!*

Monday, January 13, 2014

8 Year Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!!*

Today is Brett and my 8 year anniversary of being together!
I know we have a wedding anniversary now,
but I can't help but celebrate our dating anniversary every year too!
I mean, it is the official count for how long we've been together. :)

we've had some wild and exciting adventures over the years
and I look forward to so many more to come!
I love you times a million trillion
and I can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!
Love you!*

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hey, let's drive across the country in 5 days! (Said no smart person ever...)

5 days, 4 nights
10 states
2,425 miles

There was a lot of caffeine, a lot of truck stops, and a lot of snow, but we did it!  We successfully drove a 16 foot moving truck towing our car across the country in 5 days.  We left California on the evening of Dec. 20th and made it home to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve.  It was crazy, hectic, frustrating, and exciting all rolled into one...

Bye bye tiny expensive California apartment

Here we go!
(If you're wondering, yes we are in fact insane...)

Adios California, it's been real!

Arizona: No sign of snow yet...

New Mexico: First encounter with snow and freeezing cold weather

Texas: More snow, but awesome tortillas & free cake!

Oklahoma: Ice storms and terrible roads, but I got MMMHOPS!
Thanks Hanson ;)

Missouri: Uneventful with the exception of spotting the (blurry & dark) St. Louis arch

Illinois: Blurry signs, but pleasant driving

Indiana: Getting closer...

Ohio: Getting really close!

West Virginia: Only one more state to go!

Totally blurry, but too excited... we made it!

And as soon as we walked into my parent's house,
we had a celebratory Mmmhops! ;)

What a wild trip.  Most of the credit has to go to Brett for driving the entire way.  I could barely see over the steering wheel, so there was no way I could drive that gigantic truck with our car attached.  Some days we put in 14 hours of straight driving.  He is a rockstar.  This trip was definitely nothing like our amazing cross-country trip to California in May, that's for sure. ;)  If you're going to drive across the country, I definitely recommend doing it that way, not this way.  For obvious reasons. :)  But we did it and now we are home in Pittsburgh and we couldn't be happier.

More updates to come!
Hope your new year is off to an amazing start!*

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!*

2013 was a wild & crazy & amazing year.
I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for us.