Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hey, let's drive across the country in 5 days! (Said no smart person ever...)

5 days, 4 nights
10 states
2,425 miles

There was a lot of caffeine, a lot of truck stops, and a lot of snow, but we did it!  We successfully drove a 16 foot moving truck towing our car across the country in 5 days.  We left California on the evening of Dec. 20th and made it home to Pittsburgh on Christmas Eve.  It was crazy, hectic, frustrating, and exciting all rolled into one...

Bye bye tiny expensive California apartment

Here we go!
(If you're wondering, yes we are in fact insane...)

Adios California, it's been real!

Arizona: No sign of snow yet...

New Mexico: First encounter with snow and freeezing cold weather

Texas: More snow, but awesome tortillas & free cake!

Oklahoma: Ice storms and terrible roads, but I got MMMHOPS!
Thanks Hanson ;)

Missouri: Uneventful with the exception of spotting the (blurry & dark) St. Louis arch

Illinois: Blurry signs, but pleasant driving

Indiana: Getting closer...

Ohio: Getting really close!

West Virginia: Only one more state to go!

Totally blurry, but too excited... we made it!

And as soon as we walked into my parent's house,
we had a celebratory Mmmhops! ;)

What a wild trip.  Most of the credit has to go to Brett for driving the entire way.  I could barely see over the steering wheel, so there was no way I could drive that gigantic truck with our car attached.  Some days we put in 14 hours of straight driving.  He is a rockstar.  This trip was definitely nothing like our amazing cross-country trip to California in May, that's for sure. ;)  If you're going to drive across the country, I definitely recommend doing it that way, not this way.  For obvious reasons. :)  But we did it and now we are home in Pittsburgh and we couldn't be happier.

More updates to come!
Hope your new year is off to an amazing start!*


  1. so glad you made it! though, yeah, that sounds like not a ton of fun.

  2. I recently flew from Seattle to Tampa and drove with my friend who was moving back to Washington. We did Tampa to Seattle in 5 days and it was brutal! We also saw the arch in the dark :) fun times ha. Glad you guys made it HOME safely!!

    1. Ah, isn't it such an insane drive to do in 5 days?! At least we both made it safely! :)

  3. I'm beyond ecstatic for you! I've been waiting for this post so I could get a peek at how it all went. You defined "Home for the Holidays"! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Thanks Beth!! It was crazy but we are sooo happy to be home! :)


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