Thursday, August 3, 2017

My Best Friend's Wedding!

Hello & happy Thursday!  It has been a quick week and I am not complaining because on Saturday, we are headed to the BEACH!  Woohoo!  This past weekend was amazing - my best friend (since birth!) got married and it was a beautiful day!

And on Sunday, we headed down to Open Streets Pittsburgh again and had a blast walking and biking around - and making s'mores on the sidewalk, ha!

Time to go pack for the beach!
See ya after vacation - cheers!*

Friday, July 28, 2017

Weekends at the Lake

We've spent the past two weekends up at Edinboro Lake and it has been delightful.  Brett's family gets a cottage there every year for a week and we always try to go up for a few days.  There was plenty of sunshine, boating, water skiing, and family fun!  And thankfully, great weather!

Elijah had so much fun playing with his cousins & digging in the sand!
Looking forward to next year!

And I'm also looking forward to THIS weekend because...
my bestest longest friend is getting MARRIED!
Cheers to a fun weekend celebrating LOVE!*

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Life Lately!

Oh hey!  Long time no talk - oops!  Life has been craaazy busy (and FUN!) and I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog.  We've been doing a TON of fun summer stuff and it's so exciting to experience it all with Elijah - he is having an awesome summer (we would know - he told us himself!)  So here's a little peak at what we've been up to lately... enjoy! :)

Brett's Birthday!
We surprised him with donuts & spent the day at the pool :)

Followed by games & dinner at Mad Mex - so fun!

Running around downtown!
And getting delicious Jamba Juice smoothies afterwards

Mini golf!
Omg, this was Elijah's first time playing and it was HILARIOUS!  He loved it!

There's no such thing as too much froyo :)

Elijah's first pets!
We got him 3 goldfish & he named them: mommy, daddy, and baby (heart melting!)

Summer cooking!
Fresh veggies, plus homegrown basil and oregano - yum!

Oh, I love this life with my people :)
Cheers to more summer fun!*

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fire Trucks, Biking, and a Birthday Party

Adventures with my little fam are the best :)

 Trax Farm

 "Touch a Truck" event
Eli loved it!  (minus all the loud sirens and horns)

Biking downtown and playing in all the spalsh pads!
(and then visiting my sister's arts fest)

My niece, Pari Joon's 2nd birthday party!

Here's to another fun weekend on the horizon - Brett's birthday weekend!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

4th of July "Staycation"!

Hello hello!  I can't believe it's already Thursday!  With the 4th of July being on a Tuesday this year, I'm all mixed up on my week!

We had the BEST long holiday weekend from Friday to Tuesday!  I'm deeming it a "staycation" if you will - we were originally planning on going away for the 4th but then decided it would be fun to just stay home and do lots of fun stuff around Pittsburgh.  And that's exactly what we did!

Coffee outside, morning runs, delicious froyo, and fireworks!
We didn't want to keep Elijah up late on the actual 4th of July since he had to go to daycare the next day, so we found a nearby town that was doing fireworks on Friday and he loved them (for the most part... not a fan of the big boom ones)!

Pool day!
We spent the day at a nearby pool that had a ton of water features for little kids (and a huge sandbox!) and Elijah had the best time!  And so did we!

Morning runs, biking downtown, and more froyo!
We headed downtown and biked along the South Side/Station Square trail and Elijah loved looking at the river and watching the trains go by!  He LOVES his bike seat - which is so awesome because we love biking!  Oh, and do you like my new shirt?  "Powered by wine" :)

Moraine State Park!
We had such a fun day at Moraine - we brought our kayak and rented a canoe and Elijah loved it!  He kept saying "Momma, I on a boat!  Momma, I on a BOAT!"  He did SO well in the canoe.  We met up with Brett's family too and had fun hanging at the beach on the lake.  Elijah is definitely a water baby. :)

4th of july!
 We started the day with a 5k race (which Brett got 3rd place in his age group!!) in Brentwood, which was immediately followed by their 4th of July parade.  What a fun morning!  Elijah's favorite part was most definitely all the fire trucks.  :)  And then we had my family over for a fun little 4th of July BBQ.  Elijah and Pari (Eli's cousin) had a blast splashing around in the water and eating alllll the snacks.  :)  We didn't keep Elijah up for fireworks (since we saw them on Friday), so we just had a relaxing night at home after everyone left.

What a weekend!  So fun!
I love SUMMER!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Open Streets Pittsburgh!

Good morning!*  Drinking all the coffee over here today... so sleepy.  I got stung by a bee on my foot on Monday and it has been itching like c-r-a-z-y and making it hard to sleep!  So take that + getting up at 5am to workout = sleepy Wednesday.

Anywho, the weather has been so amazing the last few days (with the exception of last Friday when it literally down poured all day long)!  On Saturday morning, I got outside early for an awesome 20 mile bike ride and then came home and made some delicious smoothies.  Elijah loooooves smoothies.  "I have smooie, mommy?" :)

While I was making smoothies in the kitchen, a certain someone hijacked my sunglasses and my phone and took these hilarious selfies!  He cracks me up!

On Sunday, we headed downtown for Open Streets Pittsburgh!  A few times every summer, Pittsburgh shuts down a bunch of main streets downtown and has a fun festival where you can bike, run, walk, skate, etc in the streets.  We had a blast!  And Elijah had sooooo much fun playing the drums (and he was actually pretty good for being the littlest one trying them out!).  Future drummer on our hands??

Mondays I am home with Elijah and that is when we run all our errands like grocery shopping, etc.  Elijah has had some birthday money saved up since March and finally cashed it in for his MacQueen truck. :)  At this point, he pretty much has almost every Cars character.  He's obsessed!  And then we went to the park and he played while I did a little workout.  Fun times!*

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
Looking forward to the long 4th of July weekend!!*