Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!*

Even though we didn't carve pumpkins this year and we probably won't get any trick or treaters in our apartment complex, I am still excited that it's Halloween!  I got sad this morning when I realized that I didn't bring my "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" dvd to California with me.  I watch it every single year on Halloween!  But lucky for me, there's this thing called the internet and I found it online to watch!  Crisis averted.  And Brett was probably so excited to get out of watching it this year, ha! ;)  Now if only we had some of his pumpkin homebrew to go with it... next year!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Sunset Run Along the Beach

Last night, Brett and I changed up our running routine.  Instead of running around our neighborhood like we normally do, we head down to the San Clemente beach trail for a beautiful sunset run!

Running 6.5 miles is easy when you've got views like these to distract you.  We need to make a point to run these beach trails more often!  Especially because more often than not, we will probably end up at Pizza Port for dinner and beers afterwards.  And that is a-okay with me! ;)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Kicking off the weekend with pumpkin spice pancakes

Saturday afternoon spent roaming around (crazy & entertaining) Venice Beach

October = empty beaches (and lots of sail boats!)

Did you know Venice Beach has their own "canals" too?

I wouldn't mind relaxing in that hammock for a while =)

Found a cool record store in Long Beach
(and bought two new albums: Gov't Mule & Robert Randolph!)

Checked out the Long Beach location of Beachwood BBQ for dinner & beers
(and ran into a Zombie Fest right outside - creepy!)

Went for a nice Sunday morning run around the neighborhood

Followed by some beer tastings at the Bruery

And ended the weekend on a sweet note (with Halloween sprinkles & everything!)

We had a fun weekend exploring!
Happy Monday!*

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunset Bike Rides & Date Night

Last night, we went for a bike ride along the back bay.  We started biking this route last week and plan on making it a weekly tradition!  It's the perfect amount of miles (around 30) to get in after work right before the sun sets beyond the horizon.  And not a bad view either. ;)

After our bike ride, we headed down to Laguna Beach for date night!  We had dinner at House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer which we personally renamed "House of Small Fish and Expensive Beer", but it was still delicious!  So after said small dinner (and not successfully refueling our calories needed), we stopped at Taco Loco down the street for "second dinner", because duh.  And then we topped off the night with a couple Belgium beers at Brussels Bistro.  Fun night out with my guy!*

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Reason #322 Why My Mom is the Best

Her goodie boxes!

Living across the country from your whole family is hard.  But my mom really knows how to make us feel loved even from 2,500 miles away.  Look at all these goodies she sent us for Halloween!  Homemade cookies and chocolates, festive decor (since she knows we didn't bring any with us), cutesy owls, and a sweet little card.  Thanks mom!  You are the best!*

Monday, October 21, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Mountain getaway to Big Bear Lake!

Our sweet little cabin in the mountains
The cute and cozy inside
A fun hike along the Castle Rock trail
Which led to these amazing views of Big Bear Lake
You don't even want to know the rocks I had to climb to get this view!
Finally!  Somewhere in California with pretty Fall leaves on the trees =)
The "Village" looking all pretty (minus the construction cones...)
Relaxing by the wood burning fire in our little cabin
And now I really want a fireplace of our own...
I couldn't get enough of it!
Sunday morning spent reading by the lake while Brett mountain biked
Such a perfect view to end a great weekend getaway

And then we said goodbye to Big Bear Lake and drove down the mountain.  But we didn't venture home without a stop first at Hangar 24 Brewery and a local pizza spot to fill ourselves with goodness.  It was so nice to be able to experience a little bit of "Fall" action this weekend.  We welcomed the chilly air and changing colors of the leaves with open arms!  It made us really miss being back home on the East Coast, but at least we got a teeny tiny taste of Fall while up in Big Bear.  Better than nothing!

(And then we got back down from the mountains and it was 90 degrees.... waahhh!)
Oh well, on with the week!
(Here's to hoping for slightly cooler temperatures... a girl can dream, right?)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Cookies & a Cabin Getaway!

Happy Friday!!*

Last night, I baked up some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!  The smell that filled my house while I was baking these was insane.  Can someone make me a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie candle?  Please and thank you!

This weekend, Brett and I are heading up to Big Bear for a little mountain cabin getaway!  We are missing our beloved Fall weather back on the east coast, so we figured we'd head up to the mountains to get our fix.  I seriously cannot wait.  We booked a cozy cabin for Friday through Sunday and plan on enjoying all the Fall goodness while we're there:  Hiking and biking in the crisp air, grilling on the deck, reading and relaxing by the fire... ahh, I can hardly wait.  Watch out, with all these awesome Fall festivities, I might not come back down the mountain. ;)

Happy weekend, everyone!!*

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Random Ramblings...

1.  I am obsessed with this little pumpkin guy.  And all things Fall/Halloween for that matter.  It's killing me not to be spending this most glorious season back home on the East Coast where the leaves are changing and there's a chill to the air.

2.  Last night, Brett and I went to a private screening of a new movie coming out next year starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  And Adam Sandler was there!  Fun times!

3.  We've been going to a lot of concerts lately and have a bunch coming up too.  This makes me super happy because live music is my favorite.

4.  I had a pumpkin spice latte a few weeks ago (because ya know, tis the season) and I have to say, I am not really a fan anymore... they are just too sweet.  Instead, I prefer my homemade pumpkin spice sprinkled in my plain black coffee.  Perfection.  (Does this mean I'm getting old?)

5.  Speaking of pumpkin, I'm really in the mood to bake.  I think pumpkin spice pancakes and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are coming up on the menu in the very near future.

6.  I know we moved to Southern California, but I'm having a hard time accepting that it's still in the 80s in mid-October.  Gimme my Fall weather!  Luckily, there's this magical place that exists called Big Bear.  AKA the closest chance we have to experiencing the East Coast weather we're used to.  I'm thinking, cabin getaway this weekend maybe?!  =)

And thus concludes my random Wednesday ramblings...
Happy Hump Day!*

Monday, October 14, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Checked out Tustin Brewing Company for dinner Friday night
A Saturday morning run in the sun
Relaxing on the beach in San Clemente 
It was way too hot for these pants!
Beers on the balcony of Pizza Port
Followed by a delicious dinner at home complete with some awesome wine
My husband is so cute!
Sunday morning shopping fuel
A hike up the gigantic hill at the back of our neighborhood & a great night view from the top

This weekend was a semi-lazy one for us.  Sometimes we tend to push ourselves too hard active-wise and every once in a while need a more relaxing weekend.  And that's just what this weekend was.  Much needed!  Plus, the free time allowed us to do some shopping on Sunday for things that we've been needing to buy for a looong time!  So double win!  Now it's on with the work week again... already thinking about this coming weekend.  Maybe camping?!

Happy day!*

Friday, October 11, 2013

"Last night I dreamt the whole night long, woke with a head full of songs..."

On Wednesday night, we headed up to LA to see the Avett Brothers play at the (beautiful and huge) Shrine Auditorium.  There were a ton of people there.  And to think the first time we ever saw/heard of the Avett Brothers was at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival back in 2008 I think.  Crazy how far they've come.  I love seeing this band live.  They have such awesome stage energy.  And they played my most favorite song of theirs: "Laundry Room".  So, awesome night!  (Besides the fact that the Pirates lost their game that night and won't be moving on in the playoffs...)  But other than that, great night. :)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Graham!

Happy Birthday to my younger (but bigger) brother, Graham!

I cannot believe that you are now 25 years old.
Where oh where has the time gone.
I hope you have an awesome birthday
and eat lots of cake for me,
since I can't be in Pittsburgh to celebrate with you!

Happy birthday!*

(Graham's photo -- Taken while he was living/working in Germany for 6 months!)

Monday, October 7, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Drinking Fall beers & pretending it's not 90 degrees outside
Celebrating National Taco Day!
An awesome (and HOT) bike ride on Saturday
Biked all the way to the base of the mountains, then back down (almost) all the way to the beach
Italian dinner date followed by froyo, of course
Sunday exploring in San Diego!
Balboa Park is so pretty
An open bleeding heart we stumbled upon in the Botanical Gardens
Modern Times Brewery for some beer tastings!
And finishing off the weekend with Pizza Port Carlsbad
(and for the record, we like the San Clemente location way better!)

Fun weekend!  And can I just say... that I really like hanging out with my husband?  We have so much fun together no matter what we're up to.  I just feel really lucky lately to have him... someone I get to call my best friend and my husband.  (And my partner in crime to experience all these crazy adventures with.)  Just feeling really grateful lately.

Happy week, friends!*