Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some Random Ramblings...

1.  I am obsessed with this little pumpkin guy.  And all things Fall/Halloween for that matter.  It's killing me not to be spending this most glorious season back home on the East Coast where the leaves are changing and there's a chill to the air.

2.  Last night, Brett and I went to a private screening of a new movie coming out next year starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  And Adam Sandler was there!  Fun times!

3.  We've been going to a lot of concerts lately and have a bunch coming up too.  This makes me super happy because live music is my favorite.

4.  I had a pumpkin spice latte a few weeks ago (because ya know, tis the season) and I have to say, I am not really a fan anymore... they are just too sweet.  Instead, I prefer my homemade pumpkin spice sprinkled in my plain black coffee.  Perfection.  (Does this mean I'm getting old?)

5.  Speaking of pumpkin, I'm really in the mood to bake.  I think pumpkin spice pancakes and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are coming up on the menu in the very near future.

6.  I know we moved to Southern California, but I'm having a hard time accepting that it's still in the 80s in mid-October.  Gimme my Fall weather!  Luckily, there's this magical place that exists called Big Bear.  AKA the closest chance we have to experiencing the East Coast weather we're used to.  I'm thinking, cabin getaway this weekend maybe?!  =)

And thus concludes my random Wednesday ramblings...
Happy Hump Day!*


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