Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

{my fridge artwork from 2 years ago when i was a vegetarian}

happy thanksgiving!*
i hope you all have a wonderful day
full of family, love, and food!

i'm currently in erie for thanksgiving #1 with my husband's family,
then it's back to pittsburgh for thanksgiving #2 with my family on saturday!
this is my first thanksgiving in 3 years that i am not a vegetarian
and i will thoroughly enjoy eating some turkey! ;)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

current view

{my current view}

it is sunday, november 21st
and i am laying outside in my hammock
in sweatpants & g-pa's sweatshirt
with the sun shining on my face
while my husband brett brews beer on the back patio.
what a perfect sunday :)

i haven't posted in over a week.
i've been busy busy...
i plan on recapping my past weekend
in DC seeing the black crowes & hanging with lee & jess
(i can't believe it has already been a full week!)
until then...

enjoy the last hours of your weekends!*
i know i am... :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

black crowes TOMORROW!

i am seriously excited for this weekend. tomorrow is the start of a 3 day run of seeing the black crowes in concert. i cannot wait. my husband, brett introduced me to the black crowes back in 2006 when we first started dating and i got into their music pretty much immediately. i love it. i had seen them in concert before, opening up for tom petty, but never really paid much attention to them. but once brett reintroduced me to them, i was hooked. we've seen them in concert about 7 or 8 times so far and they are seriously awesome live.

not many of our friends are into the black crowes. when we go to their shows, it's usually a somewhat older crowd (people in the 30s +) but we don't care. they've been around since the early 90s, so that explains it. and they've pretty much been touring non-stop since they started out, so this tour coming up this week is going to be their last... at least for a while. the shows are going to be extra awesome though because they are playing 2 set shows: 1 acoustic set and 1 electric set. they aren't having any opening acts, it will just be the, playing straight for at least 3 hours. um, seriously awesome. we almost didn't get tickets to the dc shows because they sold out, but luckily my husband found some online for face value. score.

so that's where i'll be for the next 3 nights... i'll be sure to recap after the weekend is over!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

happy birthday, ju!

happy 25th birthday to my soon to be sister-in-law!
can't wait to officially call you my sister :)
annnnd can't wait to see you this weekend!

love you, ju!

Monday, November 8, 2010

good morning

“You’ve got to get up every morning
with a smile on your face
and show the world all the love in your heart.”

"Nothing is worth more than this day."

"I can see the orange haze on the horizon
as the morning exhales a yawn
and seems to be ready to rise."

“When you arise in the morning,
think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive –
to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

good morning, everyone*

i hope you are all having a great morning and start to your week. i'm sipping on some new coffee we picked up yesterday: starbucks natural fusions caramel. it's really tasty and is succeeding in making my monday morning a lot better. :) i can't decide how i feel about this daylight savings thing... i'm used to getting in to work before the sun rises. and this morning, it was actually getting light out while i was walking in, which was nice. but it gets darker so much earlier at night now, and that, i am not a fan of...

i had a really nice, relaxing weekend. friday night, brett and i went on a nice little date to lawrenceville for thai and live music. we saw "the bridge" and they were really awesome. then the rest of the weekend, we literally just relaxed and it was soo nice. we didn't have any house guests, no plans, no obligations... it was a nice change from what we're used to on the weekends of craziness. this coming weekend will not be very relaxing, but that's okay because we are seeing the black crowes 3 nights in a row and! as for this week, not much going on... just counting the days till the weekend. :)

have a great monday!*

Friday, November 5, 2010

new haircut!

hi friends!*
i got a haircut last night!
i'm still figuring out the best ways to style it
(my hairdresser had it looking amazing last night!)
but soon enough, i will figure it out.
but overall, i like it!

happy friday & have a really great weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

my favorite artist

ok, so i have this sister...

and she is kind of an amazing artist.

don't you agree?

and i think she needs to open up an etsy shop.

because i think her drawings...

are incredible.

tell her you agree:
on twitter

that is all.

dear life

getting my hair cut tonight & i cannot wait!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

random ramblings...

{me biking on the beach in hilton head - april 2010}

some random ramblings for your wednesday afternoon...

i am currently drinking a bright
pink drink:
crystal light wild strawberry...
and it looks like pepto, but tastes delish!

this week feels like it is going at snail pace...
but i cannot wait for this weekend!
no house guests, no official plans, a weekend to ourselves!

speaking of weekend,
this sunday is our 3 month wedding anniversary!
corny, i know... but we get excited :)
i think we may try a new restaurant that just opened up:
salt of the earth

tomorrow night, i have a hair appointment.
i haven't had my hair cut or highlighted since july...oops!
but i am seriously so excited to get my hair cut.
it is in desperate need of a trim and a chop of my "bangs".
it's just very blah right now.
so hopefully after tomorrow night, it will be much better!

next weekend,
my husband and i are seeing the black crowes
3 nights in a row!
friday in pittsburgh, then 2 nights in dc.
this may be their last tour ever...
so we want to see them as much as possible!
and the cherry on top is...
dc = visiting lee & jess!
so it will be a great weekend all around!

i don't know if i've mentioned this on my blog...
brett & i are in the process of buying our first house!!
it is sooo exciting!
we are just browsing and learning about the whole process right now,
but it is so much fun (so far).
every sunday, we go to open houses
to figure out what we want and don't want in our house.
we've already been pre-approved for a mortgage loan,
so we just need to find our perfect match.
i can't wait to have our very first home that is actually ours. :)

i need to bake my husband some cookies...
he deserves them.
brett's car is currently in the shop (getting an inspection)
so he is car-less today.
poor soul had to wake up at 5:30am with me
so i could drop him off at work on my way to work
(i work super early by choice).
i am a crazy morning person,
he is not... he's not used to this.
and he has to wait at work until i can pick him up when i get out.
guy needs some cookies!

i've been on a funky nail polish kick lately...
currently, my nails are
(i can't believe i spelled that right on the first try!)

and i'm hoping to paint them a
burnt orange color tonight!

i heard through the grape vine that
red holiday cups are back at starbucks starting today!

is it bad that i'm already getting in the
christmas spirit?
i'd start listening to christmas music now
if it wasn't for brett disowning me...

ok, i think that's enough peeks into my brain today...
i can't reveal my
complete weirdness.
happy hump day!*


"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, November 1, 2010

"i'll be happy just sitting on the passenger side"

good afternoon* i was in the mood to do a little survey...and here it is:

First job: shampoo girl at hair works
First screen name: annat314 (still is!)
First self purchased CD: hanson - "middle of nowhere" :)
First funeral: my grandmother
First piercing/tattoo: piercing: ears; tattoo: 4 leaf clover on left hip
First credit card: my amazon card
First true love: my hubby, brett :)
First enemy: i don't have enemies

Last big car ride: our honeymoon road-tripping through california :)
Last kiss: brett
Last library book checked out: "the time traveler's wife" which i didn't get the chance to finish yet
Last movie seen: we watched 'ghostbusters 2' last night in honor of halloween
Last beverage drank: hot mixed berry green tea
Last food consumed: strawberry banana yogurt
Last phone call: mom
Last CD played: hanson - "shout it out"
Last annoyance: co-worker...
Last soda drank: i can't remember? probably diet coke
Last ice cream eaten: can't remember this either! it's getting too cold for ice cream...
Last time scolded: hmmm... good question
Last shirt worn: i am currently wearing a brown v-neck
Last website visited: i am on right now, ha

I AM: content, finishing up work, then home to prepare to have the family over for dinner :)
I WANT: to go on a beach vacation with my hubby
I HAVE: brown corduroy toms on
I WISH: i was at the place that this coffee mug is from (hhi...)
I HATE: rude people
I FEAR: winter... really hoping for a mild winter this year! we had enough last year!
I HEAR: my co-workers typing and the copier copying
I SEARCH: for inspiration and beautiful things
I WONDER: if my hair cut on thursday is going to come out how i'd like
I REGRET: nothing, at least try to
I LOVE: my family, my friends, my fortunate life, traveling, blogging, laughing, lazy weekends, and drinking coffee
I ALWAYS: try to look on the positive side
I DANCE: in the kitchen while making dinner all.the.time.
I SING: in the kitchen while making dinner and dancing all.the.time.
I CRY: at silly sentimental things
I WIN: at wii archery because i rock
I LOSE: at pretty much every other wii game
I CONFUSE: myself often... and have blonde moments
I NEED: to finish my tea by 3:30pm
I WOULD: love to go on a toms shoe drop
I SHOULD: clean the house when i get home

DO YOU...?
HAVE A CRUSH: on my husband :)
WANT TO GET MARRIED: done - check!
WANT TO HAVE KIDS: of course!
THINK YOURE A HEALTH FREAK: no, i try to eat healthy though
LIKE THUNDERSTORMS: ouu yes! except when they knock your power out and you have something important to do
BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: sure, that moment i spotted brett dressed as a dinosaur on halloween 2004, i knew he was the one... ;)

COLOR: greeeeeeeeeeen
DAY: saturday
MONTH: hmm, i love the summer months!
SONG(S): currently... hanson - "kiss me when you come home" and robert randolph - "we walk this road"
SEASON: summer
DRINK: coffeeeeee
MOVIE: almost famous
PLACE TO KISS: in a field of sunflowers, please!
RESTURANT: currently, bangkok balcony.. ouu, gimme gimme that pumpkin soup!

VANILLA OR CHOCOLATE: chocolate, unless it's ice cream or cake: i prefer vanilla

CRIED? nope
BOUGHT SOMETHING? gas, groceries... exciting i know
GOTTEN SICK? no, knock on wood
SAID 'i love you'?: this morning
HEARD 'i love you'?: this morning
TALKED TO AN EX?: ha, nope
MISSED AN EX?: haha, nope
WRITTEN IN A JOURNAL?: does my blog count?
HAD A SERIOUS TALK?: hmm, serious house-buying talk yes

hope i didn't bore anyone too badly... i was just in the mood to answer some questions. hopefully, through this and my blog, you're slowly learning more about me. i want to learn more about you... let's hear it!

banana man, lobster claws, pumpkins, and candy!

ok, let me get this out of the way first...
these were the sights i saw on saturday:

banana on a bike

ummm, lobster vending machine?!?!?!

ok, now that we've have our daily dose of weird,
onto halloween weekend!

we had a fun, laid-back halloween weekend.
on friday, brett & i went out to the bar
with a bunch of our friends from upj and had a blast!
then on saturday, we went to the pitt game,
then spent the night in doing halloween things!

our mini pumpkins & gourds.
does this gourd not look like a watermelon?!
(this may or may not have been the reason i bought it...)

dinner consisted of a variety of "appetizers"
on our 3-tiered serving tower (a wedding gift)
brushetta, stuffed peppers, and potato skins

then it was time to carve our pumpkins!



my happy pumpkin,
our dogfish head pumpkin,
and brett's southern tier pumking pumpkin...
we are pretty proud of these!

sunday morning was heavenly...
we slept in,
then made pumpkin spice coffee & pumpkin spice pancakes!
since it was halloween!

so delish...

and here is all my candy for the trick or treaters...
and we only got SIX KIDS!! :(
i was soooo excited to pass out candy.
oh well, at least we got 6, better than none!

and of course, i had to watch "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown!"

here's what the outside of our house looked like last night...
i was trying to lure the kiddies in with our lit-up pumpkins.
clearly, it did not do the trick.

better luck next year!

oh, and brett & i also decided that we want to dress up next year
and go to some halloween parties!
this year was low-key and relaxing,
so we're due for some craziness next year :)

so now i sit here, it's the afternoon
and i'm sipping my hot mixed berry green tea.
and i realize that it is
november 1st.
when did that happen??
this year has flown by...
next thing i know, it will be christmas.
which reminds me...
now that halloween is over,
that means i get to start listening to christmas music... right?!