Sunday, November 21, 2010

current view

{my current view}

it is sunday, november 21st
and i am laying outside in my hammock
in sweatpants & g-pa's sweatshirt
with the sun shining on my face
while my husband brett brews beer on the back patio.
what a perfect sunday :)

i haven't posted in over a week.
i've been busy busy...
i plan on recapping my past weekend
in DC seeing the black crowes & hanging with lee & jess
(i can't believe it has already been a full week!)
until then...

enjoy the last hours of your weekends!*
i know i am... :)


  1. What a beautiful view. Hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. @Vanessa - Thanks! Hope your holiday weekend was fantastic as well! :)


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