Wednesday, November 3, 2010

random ramblings...

{me biking on the beach in hilton head - april 2010}

some random ramblings for your wednesday afternoon...

i am currently drinking a bright
pink drink:
crystal light wild strawberry...
and it looks like pepto, but tastes delish!

this week feels like it is going at snail pace...
but i cannot wait for this weekend!
no house guests, no official plans, a weekend to ourselves!

speaking of weekend,
this sunday is our 3 month wedding anniversary!
corny, i know... but we get excited :)
i think we may try a new restaurant that just opened up:
salt of the earth

tomorrow night, i have a hair appointment.
i haven't had my hair cut or highlighted since july...oops!
but i am seriously so excited to get my hair cut.
it is in desperate need of a trim and a chop of my "bangs".
it's just very blah right now.
so hopefully after tomorrow night, it will be much better!

next weekend,
my husband and i are seeing the black crowes
3 nights in a row!
friday in pittsburgh, then 2 nights in dc.
this may be their last tour ever...
so we want to see them as much as possible!
and the cherry on top is...
dc = visiting lee & jess!
so it will be a great weekend all around!

i don't know if i've mentioned this on my blog...
brett & i are in the process of buying our first house!!
it is sooo exciting!
we are just browsing and learning about the whole process right now,
but it is so much fun (so far).
every sunday, we go to open houses
to figure out what we want and don't want in our house.
we've already been pre-approved for a mortgage loan,
so we just need to find our perfect match.
i can't wait to have our very first home that is actually ours. :)

i need to bake my husband some cookies...
he deserves them.
brett's car is currently in the shop (getting an inspection)
so he is car-less today.
poor soul had to wake up at 5:30am with me
so i could drop him off at work on my way to work
(i work super early by choice).
i am a crazy morning person,
he is not... he's not used to this.
and he has to wait at work until i can pick him up when i get out.
guy needs some cookies!

i've been on a funky nail polish kick lately...
currently, my nails are
(i can't believe i spelled that right on the first try!)

and i'm hoping to paint them a
burnt orange color tonight!

i heard through the grape vine that
red holiday cups are back at starbucks starting today!

is it bad that i'm already getting in the
christmas spirit?
i'd start listening to christmas music now
if it wasn't for brett disowning me...

ok, i think that's enough peeks into my brain today...
i can't reveal my
complete weirdness.
happy hump day!*


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