Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today is a very great day!

...because I get to see these people!

That's right!  My Mom & Dad are coming to visit us in California!  They land at LAX this evening and then we get to spend the next 5 glorious days together.  I can't wait to show them around and take them to all our favorite spots!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

A relaxing Friday evening with homemade brushetta
Camping in Big Bear!
Fall beers and fall weather
Brett and his favorite things: beer & biking :)
Here comes the sun
Hiking the Forsee Trail that overlooks Big Bear Lake
Awesome views the whole way up
We found it!  That's Big Bear Lake behind me!
You could see for miles and miles
It was a steep climb up, but totally worth it!
Which made it necessary to indulge in deep dish pizza afterwards ;)

I love our weekends spent in Big Bear!
(Even if the temperature did get down to the 30s at night!)
Next time, we're renting a cabin :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

San Francisco (and that time we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge!)

Some photos from the few days we spent in San Francisco over Labor Day weekend!

San Francisco is such a great city.  We had so much fun adventuring around for two days.  We rented bikes and rode them across the Golden Gate Bridge; wandered around Haight-Ashbury, browsing the music at Amoeba; relaxed in Union Square; ate delicious pastries in Little Italy; drank beers at 21st Amendment Brewery; and walked all over the place, even down to the docks by the Giants Stadium.  Every time we visit San Francisco, there is never enough time to do everything we want to do!  I guess we'll just have to keep coming back. ;)  San Francisco, we love ya!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Point Reyes (and the gigantic lazy elephant seals)

After our stop in Santa Rosa, we found out that we wouldn't be going to Yosemite as planned due to the rim fire.  So spur of the moment decisions were made and we ended up booking a hotel in San Francisco for the remainder of our vacation.  We still wanted to get some 'outdoorsy' activities in (since we were so looking forward to them in Yosemite!), so instead of driving straight into San Francisco, we took a detour to the Point Reyes National Seashore and it . was . awesome!

We spent an entire day exploring this awesome area.  We went inside the Point Reyes Lighthouse, saw gigantic elephant seals laying along the coast, and went on numerous little hikes on the cliffs high above the ocean.  The entire time we were there, it was so foggy!  But it actually made everything look even cooler.  We definitely scored big time on these last minute detour plans!  Once the afternoon started to fade away, it was time to head on to San Francisco for some city fun!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Santa Rosa (wine, beer, and art, oh my!)

Labor Day weekend was so much fun this year!  We had a blast on our mini trip up to Northern California.  And even though our trip plans changed a bit, it was still a great little vacation!

We left right after work on Thursday and drove straight up to Santa Rosa.  With a stop at In-N-Out for dinner, of course. :)  We didn't get to our hotel until after 1:00am - traffic was crazy!  Our main purpose of going to Santa Rosa was to check out some wineries in the area and of course, visit Russian River Brewing Company again.  We've been to this area a couple times and have gone to different wineries every time.  We picked some goodies this time!  Our Friday was spent exploring the wineries and tasting all kinds of delicious wines.

1st stop:
~ Paradise Ridge Winery ~

Wine tasting on the balcony with such amazing views
and then wandering around their winery grounds
with the pretty vineyards and awesome art installations...

2nd stop:
~ Dry Creek Vineyard ~

Wine tasting with some really nice winery employees
and then a little picnic lunch in their gardens
(with the best sandwiches we've ever had from a little general store up the street!)...

3rd stop:
~ Preston Farm & Winery ~

An all organic winery that also is an all organic farm.  Pretty neat!

4th and final stop:
~ Russian River! ~

Brett's version of heaven...
(gotta throw in some beer after all that wine!)

Awesome day with so many awesome beverages...
We love this little area of California!

(Up next... exploring Point Reyes!)