Monday, September 9, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Beechwood BBQ Sour Fest in Seal Beach
We bought ROAD BIKES!!  Taking them for a spin Saturday morning
Pretty flowers spotted on our bike ride
Awesome overlook of Newport Bay
You can see the ocean too!
We made it down to the ocean biking from our apartment!
Took a nice dip in the pool, then it was pizza time!
Homemade pizza with ricotta (changing it up!)
Another awesome bike ride around Irvine on Sunday (followed by another dip in the pool)
And a delicious dinner made from all fresh ingredients to close out the weekend

This weekend was awesome.
We are so obsessed with our new bikes already...
Can't wait to take them on so many adventures!*

(Recaps of our mini trip up north coming this week!)


  1. when I have a boring weekend I love looking at your adventures. it's always a great time :)

  2. lol at that photo of your me and the pizza!! haha


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