Monday, September 23, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

A relaxing Friday evening with homemade brushetta
Camping in Big Bear!
Fall beers and fall weather
Brett and his favorite things: beer & biking :)
Here comes the sun
Hiking the Forsee Trail that overlooks Big Bear Lake
Awesome views the whole way up
We found it!  That's Big Bear Lake behind me!
You could see for miles and miles
It was a steep climb up, but totally worth it!
Which made it necessary to indulge in deep dish pizza afterwards ;)

I love our weekends spent in Big Bear!
(Even if the temperature did get down to the 30s at night!)
Next time, we're renting a cabin :)


  1. Sighhhhhh. And next time we are stalking you and forcing ourselves onto your picture perfect weekend! Looks like SO MUCH fun!


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