Monday, August 30, 2010

we're moving!

happy monday, loves!

i started my morning with a laaaaarge cup of iced coffee.... it's going to be a very busy week! so, as mentioned in my last post, we were starting to look for a house in the suburbs to rent, instead of living in an apartment in the city. well, this weekend we went and looked at a house, loved it, and now.... it's official! we're moving!! into this adorable house!

it all happened so fast! first, we posted our apartment on craigslist and within a day we had over 50 emails of people that were interested in renting it! and we were all worried that no one would want it. so we showed it to one person yesterday morning and they took it! so easy! so once that was squared away, we officially accepted this house to move into NEXT WEEK! hence why i said it's going to be a very busy week!

we have to pack up our entire apartment this week (we have a lot of stuff) by friday, because we are going to visit lee and jess in dc this weekend! so while i'm at work during the day, brett is home right now packing away... and i will be joining him as soon as i get home from work! it's a lot to pack, but we can do it in 4 days! {cross your fingers}

it's going to be a lot to do, getting out of the old apartment and into the new house, but we are so excited! there are so many things we are looking forward to! so here's to a crazy, hectic, but great week!

hope you all had wonderful weekends!!*

Friday, August 27, 2010

we're hooooooome!

hi friends!*

it's been a while! how are you all? we are officially home from our honeymoon... i didn't want it to end; we had such an amazing time! california is so beautiful. i took over 1,000 pictures! it was a picture perfect 11 days of bliss with my husband. i couldn't have ask for anything better. but it was bittersweet. i didn't want it to end, but at the same time i was ready to get home and get settled into our lives as newlyweds! (don't worry, i plan on doing a separate post about our honeymoon, with some pictures!)

during all the planning of the wedding and honeymoon, my life was craziness and i wasn't able to update my blog much... so i have lots of updates! my husband, brett is an engineer and has been looking for a good career position for the past couple months. he had a really great interview right before we left for our honeymoon & they said they'd be in touch the week after (while we were on our honeymoon). well, we never heard anything while away, so he was losing hope. but just yesterday the company called annnnd..... he got the job!!!!! i am soo proud of him and so happy! finally all his hard work has paid off! and now that we know where brett is working, we can finally move out of our apartment in the city and get a house in the suburbs! i am beyond excited about that! everything is falling into place perfectly and i couldn't be happier. :)

that's the big news of the moment, but there are lots of things i'm looking forward to:
~brett's new job
~moving out of the city & into a house in the suburbs!
~decorating & coordinating & organizing our new place
~finally unpacking all our shower & wedding gifts
~visiting lee & jess labor day weekend
~the start of pitt football season (we got season tickets this year!)
~many upcoming concerts: widespread panic, robert randolph, the black crowes, the wood brothers... to name a few
~fall: pretty trees, pumpkin patches, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin beer, apple cider,breezy but nice weather, fall clothes & toms...

i am loving summer (it's still my favorite season), but i am getting very excited for fall! especially because we are hopefully moving into a place that i will actually be able to put pumpkins outside and decorate for the holidays!

so much goodness coming up, i can hardly contain myself! here's to getting back into the swing of things and more frequent blog posts.

have an amazing weekend, everyone!

ps - check out my 365 in year 25 blog - it's been updated!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


this past week has been a complete whirlwind... our wedding was the best day of my life (so far). i can't believe after over a year of planning, it's now over. it's bittersweet. my current emotion is a mix of happy (ok reaaaaally happy!!!) and sad: happy because our wedding was perfect and we have the most amazing family and friends, but sad because it's all over and we may never have all of those people in one room together again. it was a really, really special day. i want to relive it over and over and over and over again. it was just simply perfect.

i am in such a happy place in my life right now. i've had a permanent smile on my face since last friday. i just can't get over how blessed i am to have the most amazing family, friends, and husband. everything is exactly how it should be and we are exactly where we should be in our lives. life is just very, very good. and sometimes i just stop and think about everything, and just smile even more. i am just really, really happy. and i think this feeling is going to last the rest of my life... :)

so the wedding was on saturday, august 7th and we are leaving for our honeymoon this saturday, august 14th! i can't believe we will have been married a week already at that point! last week at this time, i was running around doing errands and icing cupcakes and making favors! but nonetheless, i am SO excited for our honeymoon! i mentioned it before, but we are going to CALIFORNIA! i am beyond excited! i've never been west past ohio, so this is big stuff for me! and i haven't been on a plane since i was about 3 years old, so i am even more excited!! i think we get a window seat!!

we are flying into san francisco, then renting a car and doing a little california roadtrip! we'll be gone for 11 days, 10 nights. i cannot wait!! throughout our roadtrip, we will head to: sausalito, sonoma/napa valley, yosemite/sequoia/kings canyon, pismo beach, santa cruz, and san francisco! i am just so excited!

i hope to maybe do a blog post from our honeymoon at some point, but who knows if that will really happen. :) but regardless, i will definitely tell you all about it once we get back!!

"all you need is love"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


i know it's been a while,
but i've been busy...
august 7, 2010

best day of my life
thus far
{all photography by the AMAZING heather neckers}