Monday, August 30, 2010

we're moving!

happy monday, loves!

i started my morning with a laaaaarge cup of iced coffee.... it's going to be a very busy week! so, as mentioned in my last post, we were starting to look for a house in the suburbs to rent, instead of living in an apartment in the city. well, this weekend we went and looked at a house, loved it, and now.... it's official! we're moving!! into this adorable house!

it all happened so fast! first, we posted our apartment on craigslist and within a day we had over 50 emails of people that were interested in renting it! and we were all worried that no one would want it. so we showed it to one person yesterday morning and they took it! so easy! so once that was squared away, we officially accepted this house to move into NEXT WEEK! hence why i said it's going to be a very busy week!

we have to pack up our entire apartment this week (we have a lot of stuff) by friday, because we are going to visit lee and jess in dc this weekend! so while i'm at work during the day, brett is home right now packing away... and i will be joining him as soon as i get home from work! it's a lot to pack, but we can do it in 4 days! {cross your fingers}

it's going to be a lot to do, getting out of the old apartment and into the new house, but we are so excited! there are so many things we are looking forward to! so here's to a crazy, hectic, but great week!

hope you all had wonderful weekends!!*


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