Friday, April 27, 2012

Road Trippin'

Adios, Pittsburgh!

Tonight, we will be here...


About a month ago, Brett and I decided that we desperately needed a little getaway.  Work has been getting the best of us, projects around the house are never-ending, and we just needed some time away from it all -- Just a little getaway where we can relax without having to think about work, responsibilities, etc.  So we decided to plan a little cabin getaway in the woods right on this gorgeous lake in Southern Virginia.

And it's finally here!  We hit the road this afternoon!

There will be plenty of:
...mountain biking...
...hiking... & wine drinking...
...and most importantly...

Have a great weekend, friends!
Cya next week!!*

Monday, April 23, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Good morning!

I thought I'd start out the week with a little award.
This past month, I received the...

two times from two very awesome bloggers:

This is a huge honor for me because I am seriously in love with these two blogs.  Check them out if you haven't already!  So the Liebster Blog Award:  This award showcases "smaller" bloggers who don't quite have an insanely enormous following yet.  I love these kinds of awards because they give you the opportunity to check out some amazing blogs that you may not have just stumbled across on your own.  Here are the rules:

- Pick 5 up & coming blogs to give the Liebster Award to (much have less than 200 followers).
- Show your thanks to the blogger(s) who gave you the award by linking back to them.
- Post the award on your blog.
- List the bloggers you gave the award to with links to their sites & let them know.
- Share 5 random facts about yourself.

Thanks again Kristin & Devon for choosing me!!*

So, 5 random things about myself...

1.  My favorite band of all time is Hanson. YUP.

2.  Most days I'd rather be traveling than doing pretty much anything else ever.
3.  I cannot function without coffee in the morning. And it's kind of pathetic.

4.  I have over 12 pairs of Toms Shoes and the collection is still growing.

5. I know more about craft beer than any normal girl should...

And now 5 bloggers that I'm passing this award on to...

2.  Ashley of "House of Glass"
3.  Olivia of "Olivia Dee"
4.  Jamie of "New York, New York" (my real life bestie!)
5.  Jessica of "Learning Love's Life"

Check them out - they are all amazing!!*

Friday, April 20, 2012


The sun is shining,
the temperature is supposed to hit 80 degrees,
and we're heading down to WVU tonight for the Avett Brothers concert.
It's a happy Friday, indeed!

Have a great weekend, friends!*

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Moraine State Park

I think I've officially caught the bug...

Lately, I cannot get enough of mountain biking!  My husband has been into it for a while now and finally got me obsessed too.  I got a bike last August and he's been showing me the ropes ever since.  It wasn't until just recently that I really started to get the hang of it and didn't want to cry every time I had to ride down a huge hill with tons of rocks and tree roots... but now I love it!  There's just something so exciting about getting on your bike and making your way deep into the woods away from everyday civilization.  I now catch myself staring into random patches of woods along my drives, wondering if there's a mountain biking trail back there.  I love it!

A couple weeks ago, we headed up to Moraine State Park for a nice 4 hour mountain biking session.  It was awesome.  There was barely anyone out and the weather was gorgeous.  After a few hours of riding, we found ourselves at this huge lake in the middle of the park and just took a moment to sit and enjoy the view.  Mountain biking with Brett is my favorite.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stone Brewing Company - Beer Garden

When you step onto the property of Stone Brewing Company, it feels like you are stepping out of your normal everyday world and into a whole separate beer paradise.  This feeling is especially strong when you walk out to the beer garden.  In my post yesterday about Stone's brewery tour and bistro, I mentioned that the beer garden was getting it's own separate post because it is just that awesome.

After we went on the brewery tour, sampled tastings, and ate dinner, we grabbed our beers and headed out to the beer garden.  If you ask me, this is pretty much the perfect way to digest a delicious meal and finish off your beers.  We slowly wandered around the gardens, chatting, sipping our beers, and just taking in the beautiful and relaxing surroundings.  The sun was setting, the air was warm, and we were happy.  We seriously didn't want to leave.

It was, as I said before, a beer lover's paradise.

Till next time!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stone Brewing Company - Brewery Tour & Bistro

This morning, I woke up to snow falling from the sky.  It's the middle of April... why is it snowing?!  In order to not fall into deep cold-weather depression, let's focus on some sunny warm memories, shall we?

While we were in (warm, sunny, perfect) Southern California back in September, we ventured to a bunch of different breweries in the area.  I'm pretty sure I can speak for both Brett and I when I say our favorite was definitely Stone Brewing Company.  This brewery was AMAZING.  If you ever find yourself in Southern California, you MUST go.

We arrived at the brewery (in Escondido, CA) just in time for a brewery tour.  They give tours a couple times a day, but I've heard they can fill up pretty quickly, so it helps to get there early.  We lucked out, as there weren't a ton of people at the brewery when we arrived, so we were able to jump right in.  The tour started with a walk around the brewery, highlighting different steps in the brewing process, and ended with beer tastings (obviously, the best part!).

After the brewery tour and tastings, we were hungry!  We originally said we weren't going to eat dinner at Stone, but once we got in there and saw how awesome it was, we couldn't help ourselves!  The food was seriously delicious.  We wiped our plates clean.  (Um, I even forgot to take any pictures of our actual meals because we inhaled them so fast.... oops!  I promise, they were pretty.)

After dinner, we grabbed our beers and wandered around Stone's beer garden.  We just didn't want to leave this amazing place.  This beer garden is getting it's very own post because it was so awesome.  To be continued..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Day Without Shoes

One Day Without Shoes

Will you be barefoot today?
Even though I'll be in my office at work most of the day,
I'll be barefoot under my desk. ;)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Through the Eyes of My iPhone...


Row 1:
The start of my new inspiration board
Gorgeous morning sunrises in South Park
Happy times biking on the trail

Row 2:
Mountain biking season is officially here
Taste testing Brett's homebrews
Cosmic bowling, complete with black lights and all!

Row 3:
Delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies
My inspirational coffee mug
Brett and his constant battle with the groundhog that lives under our shed

Row 4:
Just me saying hi
Pretty flowers blooming all over our yard
It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Row 5:
My insanely gorgeous artwork from Kelli Murray
Sooo proud of my little sissy, Brita - 1st place in her Winter Guard Championships
Um, I mowed our entire lawn with this push mower...

Row 6:
Picked some flowers from the yard to spruce up the kitchen
Beer and sunshine = automatic good mood
My now daily detour through the park which I love

Row 7:
Another beautiful sunrise
Ice cream!
Found our new favorite Mexican restaurant, and it's BYOB!

Row 8:
Surprise chocolates from the husband
Mountain biking as often as possible
Weekend waffles and coffee

{instagram username: annat314}

Life has been hectic lately.  Good, but busy.  We are soaking up every single ounce of the good weather we've been getting and trying to stay outside as much as humanly possible.  We are finally getting out of the cold winter months and into the warm, sunny, beautiful spring and summer months.  My absolute favorite time of year.  There's nowhere else I'd rather be than outside.  

We've got a long weekend planned ahead.  No work tomorrow (WOOHOO!).  We plan on grilling out tonight, doing some mountain biking tomorrow, and eventually heading up to Erie to see the in-laws.  Then it's back to Pittsburgh to hang with my family on Sunday.  Now I just need to get through a half day more of work and then the fun weekend can begin!

I hope everyone has a really great weekend and a happy Easter (if you celebrate).
I'll catch up with you next week!!*