Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stone Brewing Company - Beer Garden

When you step onto the property of Stone Brewing Company, it feels like you are stepping out of your normal everyday world and into a whole separate beer paradise.  This feeling is especially strong when you walk out to the beer garden.  In my post yesterday about Stone's brewery tour and bistro, I mentioned that the beer garden was getting it's own separate post because it is just that awesome.

After we went on the brewery tour, sampled tastings, and ate dinner, we grabbed our beers and headed out to the beer garden.  If you ask me, this is pretty much the perfect way to digest a delicious meal and finish off your beers.  We slowly wandered around the gardens, chatting, sipping our beers, and just taking in the beautiful and relaxing surroundings.  The sun was setting, the air was warm, and we were happy.  We seriously didn't want to leave.

It was, as I said before, a beer lover's paradise.

Till next time!


  1. stone is one of my favorite places EVER! i'm lucky to live only about 30 minutes from the brewery. this reminds me that i need to go back soon!!!

  2. I'm dying to go to Stone! I hope I can make it there when we hit up Cali!


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