Thursday, April 5, 2012

Through the Eyes of My iPhone...


Row 1:
The start of my new inspiration board
Gorgeous morning sunrises in South Park
Happy times biking on the trail

Row 2:
Mountain biking season is officially here
Taste testing Brett's homebrews
Cosmic bowling, complete with black lights and all!

Row 3:
Delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies
My inspirational coffee mug
Brett and his constant battle with the groundhog that lives under our shed

Row 4:
Just me saying hi
Pretty flowers blooming all over our yard
It's 5 o'clock somewhere

Row 5:
My insanely gorgeous artwork from Kelli Murray
Sooo proud of my little sissy, Brita - 1st place in her Winter Guard Championships
Um, I mowed our entire lawn with this push mower...

Row 6:
Picked some flowers from the yard to spruce up the kitchen
Beer and sunshine = automatic good mood
My now daily detour through the park which I love

Row 7:
Another beautiful sunrise
Ice cream!
Found our new favorite Mexican restaurant, and it's BYOB!

Row 8:
Surprise chocolates from the husband
Mountain biking as often as possible
Weekend waffles and coffee

{instagram username: annat314}

Life has been hectic lately.  Good, but busy.  We are soaking up every single ounce of the good weather we've been getting and trying to stay outside as much as humanly possible.  We are finally getting out of the cold winter months and into the warm, sunny, beautiful spring and summer months.  My absolute favorite time of year.  There's nowhere else I'd rather be than outside.  

We've got a long weekend planned ahead.  No work tomorrow (WOOHOO!).  We plan on grilling out tonight, doing some mountain biking tomorrow, and eventually heading up to Erie to see the in-laws.  Then it's back to Pittsburgh to hang with my family on Sunday.  Now I just need to get through a half day more of work and then the fun weekend can begin!

I hope everyone has a really great weekend and a happy Easter (if you celebrate).
I'll catch up with you next week!!*


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