Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stone Brewing Company - Brewery Tour & Bistro

This morning, I woke up to snow falling from the sky.  It's the middle of April... why is it snowing?!  In order to not fall into deep cold-weather depression, let's focus on some sunny warm memories, shall we?

While we were in (warm, sunny, perfect) Southern California back in September, we ventured to a bunch of different breweries in the area.  I'm pretty sure I can speak for both Brett and I when I say our favorite was definitely Stone Brewing Company.  This brewery was AMAZING.  If you ever find yourself in Southern California, you MUST go.

We arrived at the brewery (in Escondido, CA) just in time for a brewery tour.  They give tours a couple times a day, but I've heard they can fill up pretty quickly, so it helps to get there early.  We lucked out, as there weren't a ton of people at the brewery when we arrived, so we were able to jump right in.  The tour started with a walk around the brewery, highlighting different steps in the brewing process, and ended with beer tastings (obviously, the best part!).

After the brewery tour and tastings, we were hungry!  We originally said we weren't going to eat dinner at Stone, but once we got in there and saw how awesome it was, we couldn't help ourselves!  The food was seriously delicious.  We wiped our plates clean.  (Um, I even forgot to take any pictures of our actual meals because we inhaled them so fast.... oops!  I promise, they were pretty.)

After dinner, we grabbed our beers and wandered around Stone's beer garden.  We just didn't want to leave this amazing place.  This beer garden is getting it's very own post because it was so awesome.  To be continued..


  1. I live about 1.5 hours away from escondido. I visited Stone for the first time last year. I really enjoyed the tour and the beer and the environment it had to offer. I thought the food could use improvement but hey, its a brewery first and foremost.

  2. This looks so cool! I've seen how wine is made but never beer!

  3. ahh I love wine & beer & food & well anything tours! I JUST posted about our winery tour last week Today! Love it! Great pictures... I should really bring my camara instead of just the Iphone... tisk tisk ;)


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