Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Adventure is out there!"

I can't believe it's already been over a month since our Southern California vacation.  I was looking through my drafts of posts and realized I never finished blogging about it.  We had such a great little getaway and we're already dreaming about our next adventure.  But until then, some more California vacation photos will have to do... :)

 First day in California - Stopped at the Bruery for some tastings.

San Clemente is a great surf spot.
Brett surfed every day, all day.
And for being from Pennsylvania, he was damn good!

 I attempted surfing once...
but mostly just relaxed on the beach and took a billion pictures :)

 We are beer geeks (Brett made me that way).
So we made sure to go to Stone Brewery...
which was AWESOME (separate blog post coming for this place!)

Spent a looooot of time hanging out at the beach.
No plans, no worries, no work = heaven

 We stayed in the cutest little beach rental.
It had a grill & full kitchen, which we definitely took advantage of.

 Walking down to the pier...
San Clemente at night is beautiful.

View from out on the pier in the ocean.

 There was froyo...ohhh, there was froyo!

San Clemente... gorgeous when the sun comes out!

 One of my favorite days.
Exploring the coast of California...

 Overlook in Dana Point

We packed a little picnic and ate it right here.
We had the place to ourselves :)

 California is beautiful.

 I love him :)

 Strolling along the pier in San Clemente before dinner

 Happy hour on the pier in San Clemente!
Watching the sunset and all the surfers below us.

 Bagels & coffee from the Bagel Shack.
I still dream about this bagel, YUM.

 Headed into the desert and mountains for some exploring...
and I found Bigfoot!!

 Amazing views...

And sooo windy!


What a skyline...

 The desert was beautiful...
but so so hot.

Moments before Brett got completely attacked by a cactus...

 I am not a red meat kind of person...
but I'm pretty sure we ate In & Out burgers at least 3 times on this vacation
and they were DELICIOUS.

 Biking along the beach in Santa Monica on our last day of vacation.

 I like him a lot :)

 Oh, hiiii!

 Gorgeous sunset on the last day of vacation.

Studly husband :)

Bye bye California.
You were fun, as always!

Ahh, putting this post together makes me miss this trip so much.  One of my favorite things in the entire world is traveling and going on adventures with Brett.  Being able to explore and discover this big world together makes me so giddy.  I think no matter, throughout our lives together, we will always find ways and make time to travel.  And of course, we're already dreaming of our next exploration...

"Adventure is out there!"


  1. Looks like you had the best time :) Love your pics

  2. There is anything better than exploring and discover new places.

    I'm dreaming to live in CA!
    I'm live in Paris right now, which is great but my heart definitly belongs there

  3. i'm so glad you had asuch a good time. makes me happy when people love and see the wonderful things about san clemente. can't wait to go home again to visit my fam

  4. well i am pretttty sure you had the happiest trip ever!! so nice that you got to take a little getaway with your love :)

  5. It was def an authentic California trip if you ate at In-n-Out. It's the standard place to go here for fast food, apparently! Where's your color block dress from? It's so pretty!!!

    Love your pics, so glad you had a good time here in Cali :)

  6. This totally cracked me up: for being from pennsylvania he was damn good :) I wish I could say that I'm a surfer but i just don't think it's in the cards for me, i'd much rather relax on the beach taking pictures :)

  7. great photos! nothing better than a good beach! makes me excited for our little adventure in Cali in May. My bro is getting married in La Jolla.

  8. Glad you had a great time here in California. You surpassed the rainy weather we just had here yesterday. Most days are like the ones in your pictures though. I LOVE CA.


  9. I love how you and the hubs go on these great adventures together. You can tell you guys really have fun together!

  10. Looks like an amazing vacation. I'm glad you guys went to Stone... what a great brewery! Can't wait to hear more about it. I keep looking back at our Cali pictures from July, and agree, California is just an awesome place to vacation!

  11. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and i'm so happy I did! I grew up in san clemente/dana point and all your photos brought back SO SO SO many memories! i'm so happy you had an amazing trip! Next time your in CA you'll have to visit the north. like the south it is beautiful, but in a completely different way. Santa cruz has some good surfing :) at least that's what I hear! Can't wait to check out more of your blog!



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