Friday, November 11, 2011

Hazelnut Coffee & Christmas Music (Shh!)

Shh, don't tell Brett...*
but I started listening to Christmas music in my car this morning!!

It was so chilly outside...
I went to Panera and got a hazelnut coffee,
then got back in my car,
and just couldn't control myself...
I mean, the coffee cup was basically telling me to!
I put on a Pandora Christmas station
and cruised down the road,
sipping my warm coffee and humming along.
It was a woooonderful drive to work :)
(*Brett claims that it is illegal to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. PSHH!)


  1. Hazlenut is SOOO my favorite flavor coffee! Christmas is fully in the chilly air! I was considering pulling out the decor! Hah! And umm, pretty sure we have the same nailpolish on right now. Creepy? Nah. Loves! xox!

  2. ha, i start listening to sufjan stevens christmas music in july :)

  3. sounds like a wonderful way to start the day. oh and your secret is safe with me! haha

  4. he he i'm already listening to it too!

  5. i've been listening to christmas music since september... woops!!

  6. Sorry, I am with Brett! Thanksgiving needs celebrated before I pull out the Christmas music and decorations!


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