Friday, September 6, 2013

Last Minute (but awesome) Change of Plans

Whoa!  Busy week (and no time for the good ol' blog).  We got back from our little mini trip up to Northern California late Monday night and I've been running non-stop since.  We didn't end up going to Yosemite, like we planned.  The crazy rim fire kind of ruined our plans for the Yosemite part of our trip and we couldn't get there.  So instead, we made last minute plans to hang in San Francisco for the days we were supposed to be in Yosemite.  And even though we were bummed we couldn't make it to Yosemite again (remember last year?), we had SO much fun exploring San Francisco (partly by bike!).

Photos coming soon!
Enjoy your weekend!*

{Photo -- Biking around San Francisco with our sweet rental bikes!}

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  1. sometimes the things done on the spur of the moment turn out to be the best!!


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