Monday, November 1, 2010

banana man, lobster claws, pumpkins, and candy!

ok, let me get this out of the way first...
these were the sights i saw on saturday:

banana on a bike

ummm, lobster vending machine?!?!?!

ok, now that we've have our daily dose of weird,
onto halloween weekend!

we had a fun, laid-back halloween weekend.
on friday, brett & i went out to the bar
with a bunch of our friends from upj and had a blast!
then on saturday, we went to the pitt game,
then spent the night in doing halloween things!

our mini pumpkins & gourds.
does this gourd not look like a watermelon?!
(this may or may not have been the reason i bought it...)

dinner consisted of a variety of "appetizers"
on our 3-tiered serving tower (a wedding gift)
brushetta, stuffed peppers, and potato skins

then it was time to carve our pumpkins!



my happy pumpkin,
our dogfish head pumpkin,
and brett's southern tier pumking pumpkin...
we are pretty proud of these!

sunday morning was heavenly...
we slept in,
then made pumpkin spice coffee & pumpkin spice pancakes!
since it was halloween!

so delish...

and here is all my candy for the trick or treaters...
and we only got SIX KIDS!! :(
i was soooo excited to pass out candy.
oh well, at least we got 6, better than none!

and of course, i had to watch "it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown!"

here's what the outside of our house looked like last night...
i was trying to lure the kiddies in with our lit-up pumpkins.
clearly, it did not do the trick.

better luck next year!

oh, and brett & i also decided that we want to dress up next year
and go to some halloween parties!
this year was low-key and relaxing,
so we're due for some craziness next year :)

so now i sit here, it's the afternoon
and i'm sipping my hot mixed berry green tea.
and i realize that it is
november 1st.
when did that happen??
this year has flown by...
next thing i know, it will be christmas.
which reminds me...
now that halloween is over,
that means i get to start listening to christmas music... right?!


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