Saturday, October 5, 2013

"Sing it if you know it..."

I purposely timed my parents visit last week with Hanson's tour schedule, so that my mom and I would be able to go to a concert together.  Yeah I did!  My mom and I have been going to Hanson concerts together since 1997.  That's 16 years.  I'd call it something special we've got going on between us, for sure.  This particular show in Anaheim last week marked my 30th Hanson concert.

And what's a Hanson concert without a little walk first!

 And later that night, our 30th Hanson concert.
And it was AMAZING.

And since we weren't too far away,
we squeezed in another walk the next day on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood =)

I am so happy I got to have this West Coast Hanson experience with my Mom.

I love this band.


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