Monday, October 7, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend

Drinking Fall beers & pretending it's not 90 degrees outside
Celebrating National Taco Day!
An awesome (and HOT) bike ride on Saturday
Biked all the way to the base of the mountains, then back down (almost) all the way to the beach
Italian dinner date followed by froyo, of course
Sunday exploring in San Diego!
Balboa Park is so pretty
An open bleeding heart we stumbled upon in the Botanical Gardens
Modern Times Brewery for some beer tastings!
And finishing off the weekend with Pizza Port Carlsbad
(and for the record, we like the San Clemente location way better!)

Fun weekend!  And can I just say... that I really like hanging out with my husband?  We have so much fun together no matter what we're up to.  I just feel really lucky lately to have him... someone I get to call my best friend and my husband.  (And my partner in crime to experience all these crazy adventures with.)  Just feeling really grateful lately.

Happy week, friends!*

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  1. Beautiful post and amazing pics.
    Hope to see more of your lovely images.



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