Friday, August 17, 2012

Making Summer Count!

Happy Friday!  I woke up this morning and looked at my phone and thought 'How is it August 17th?'  I am having a hard time accepting the fact that it's already mid-to-late August.  It feels like summer is just flying by and I am not quite ready for it to end yet.  Brett and I are trying to embrace these last few glorious weeks of summer by doing as many summery things as we can.  Here's to making them count!

Row 1:
Flowers from the farmers market
Biking on the trail by our house
Delicious fresh veggie salad

Row 2:
Braids are the only way to deal with the summer heat
Strawberry pancakes on the 4th of July
Relaxing at Edinboro lake

Row 3:
Orange & vanilla twist
Our little pepper plants growing strong
Tasty bakery sweets

Row 4:
Strawberry, pineapple, & fresh basil salsa
Pirates game at PNC Park
My stud on a sweaty bike ride

Row 5:
Old Crow Medicine Show at Stage AE
Um, getting stung by a bee IN my nose on my run...
The most beautiful anniversary flowers from the most wonderful husband

Row 6:
Fresh homemade salsa & beers on the patio
Gyros while biking on the trail

Row 7:
Grillin' up something good
The cutest cupcake bouquet from my mama for our anniversary
Watching the 'Beatles' along the water

Row 8:
Coffee oreo ice cream (aka my new favorite thing ever)
A short stop along a pretty river
The dancing fountains in Station Square

Row 9:
Rock climbing at Coopers Rock
Picnic in the park
My love during a mini brewery tour

Ahh, these pictures make me smile.  Sometimes I freak out and think 'We aren't doing enough summery things!  We need to take advantage of this awesome weather while it's here!'  But then looking back at all the things we have been doing, I'd say we're doing a pretty good job of embracing summer.  It's going to be over before we even know it.  But the fact that we're going to California at the beginning of September definitely makes the transition from summer to fall a little easier... ;)

What have you been doing to cherish these last few weeks of summer?*


  1. you and your cute blonde braids. Love how much you two squeeze into summer!

  2. I am just not ready for Summer to end. But I will certainly be trying to spend more time outside in the sun, eating as much fresh fruits and veggies that I can get my hands on, and finding time to make a day trip to the beach. Once I see the ocean, I will feel better about saying goodbye to Summer.


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