Thursday, August 9, 2012

2 Years of Marriage (!!)

Our 2nd wedding anniversary.  Wow, does time fly.  Brett surprised me with the most beautiful flowers (including sunflowers - our wedding flower!).  We celebrated with dinner outside at Bistro 19.  Lump crab guacamole, almond chicken & risotto, and the most delicious cheesecake caramel brownie for two.  Then came home to continue on with our yearly tradition of "opening the box".  Drinking wine, reading our letters from the previous year, and exchanging gifts.  All while reminiscing about our most perfect wedding day and the amazing 2 years of marriage we've had so far.  I really love this guy.

And now,
the new letters are written,
a new bottle of wine has been chosen,
and the box is all locked up.
Till next year...

Love you, Babe!


  1. What a great idea to write letters each year. I think we might have to start that just a few years late.

  2. I love that tradition :)

  3. Happy anniversary! That's such a sweet tradition! I love the idea of writing letters and reading them a year later. Very cute!

  4. That is a really awesome idea! :)


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