Friday, August 10, 2012


A weekend spent almost completely outside is the best kind, in my book.  Last weekend, we jumped in the car and went on a little brewery & camping adventure.  We headed north, stopping at a couple breweries along the way: Voodoo Brewery & Southern Tier Brewing Company (separate post coming on these!).  Then we continued on and spent the summer night camping on Chautauqua Lake.  There's something about sitting around a fire, surrounded by nature, and just being completely content.  And nothing beats waking up to the sunshine pouring in your tent and going on a hunt for a delicious breakfast (on a zebra plate!) and hot coffee.

That is, until the forecast takes a turn for the worse, and the dark clouds start rolling in, and it's time to pack it up and get outta there as fast as you can!  But at least it held off until Sunday afternoon. :)


  1. Nothing beats waking up sweating at 7 am because its hot from the stinkin sunshine pouring in your tent!

    1. Nothing beats waking up to your hubby snoring... ;) ;) ;)

  2. That looks amazing!
    Really missing summer down here in the southern hemisphere :)


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