Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Jump for joy, it's SUMMER!

Today is the first day of Summer.  However, with the weather lately, it feels like it's been Summer for quite a while now.  I mean, I've been drinking ICED coffee for weeks already.  And iced coffee = Summer.  I've also been sweating profusely in my house.  No AC = sweaty monster.  So yeah, iced coffee + sweaty monster = Summer ...but now it's official.   

Last night, we went to the farmer's market.  Now, what else screams Summer more than a farmer's market?  Nothing. Though we were a little disappointed with this particular farmer's market that we went to.  We had never been to this one before and they were seriously lacking on produce.  I don't know if it's still to early in the year or if this farmer's market is just not that good, but regardless we weren't impressed.  We did still manage to get a few select veggies like onions, tomatoes, and a zucchini (I can't believe I spelled that right on my first try!).

For dinner, we made mushroom risotto and roasted veggies (broccoli & cauliflower).  YUM.  It was so delicious, I could have eaten the whole pan, but I refrained.  Brett also prepped fresh homemade salsa (um, and also smashed our blender into a billion pieces... :) ) to have with our Mexican themed dinner tonight!  We're having enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce.

Homemade salsa,
fresh local produce,
cool drinks...

What's your favorite thing about Summer?!*

{photo drawn by my little sister Brita - she's amazing}


  1. I am jealous jealous jealous of your hot weather... and iced coffees.. and even a teeny bit your sweat monster (tho not really that much)... it is WET, GREY and effing FREEZING here today... *sigh* want to trade??

  2. Haha! I feel the same way! I've been drinking iced coffee for awhile now and my thermostat says my house is around 76° so in my mind it has been Summer for awhile :]

    My favorite thing about summer is farmer's markets, iced coffee, eating on the porch, sweet tea, skirts/dresses and walking with my pup & husband at night. I love summer so much!

  3. My favorite thing about Summer are probably breezy Summer nights after a hot day. Love those.
    It was Summer in April & May in Paris. Now apparently it's Fall and I didn't get the memo. It's been gray, rainy and kind of cold since June 1st. What's up with that ?!!!

  4. yesssss I love summer! My favorites are sun,sun,SUN and long nights and 4th of July celebrations :)

  5. I'm from the northwest so my favorite thing about summer is the sunshine. And warmth. And iced coffee (mmmm) and ice cream! ALSO wearing dresses 24/7! So much summery goodness :)

  6. We've been going through the motions of summer, but have only had a few hot days so far. Last night we took a walk around our neighborhood, stopping at an outdoor patio for a beer, and that was a perfect example of why I like summer. We've also done a few farmer's markets, some beach and park picnics, and plenty of flip flop wearing... now if only the weather would catch up! Although I will complain when we get to the sweaty monster part of summer, no doubt ;)

  7. I love summer because you can garden and there are so many farmers markets.


  8. well...it's usually summer all year round here, but this freaky weather has been bringing us thunderstorms and rain...in JUNE! but i love chilling outside, soaking up the sun in denim cutoffs and swimsuits and cute tanks with icy drink in hand! that homemade salsa sounds delish!


  9. EVERYTHING! I love the fact that I can leave the house in a simple tee and jeans, summer fruit, the beach at night, open toes, a hint of tan skin...


  10. I am so with you about it feeling like summer already for weeks- whats the deal with that? I am so sorry you have no AC, I cant even imagine!

  11. so jealous you guys are in summer, it is blizzardly cold here. Your dinner sounds delicous, I have never mastered risotto.

  12. Summer is my most favorite season! Fresh fruit, festivals, vacation, lots of sun. It's perfection!


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