Friday, June 24, 2011


Do you know how hard it is to resist cookies?  I'll tell you.  Hard.  Usually when I bake cookies, I bake them for no reason at all.  Just for Brett and I to eat to our delight.  However!  I was asked to bake some cookies for my sissy-in-law's high school graduation party tomorrow.  Meaning... we couldn't eat them.  Meaning... we were sad.  Meaning...  we each snuck one anyway. ;)

Moving on!  As I mentioned above, we are heading to Erie (again) this weekend for Brett's little sister's graduation party.  We are planning on driving up tonight, but later in the evening instead of right after work, to hopefully avoid ridiculous traffic.  Then on Sunday, the plan is to leave Erie super early and drive straight down to Cooper's Rock in West Virginia for an outdoor rock climbing class!  I'm excited!  I just hope the weather holds out.  It's pretty much been raining here non-stop for basically the whole month of June.  Anyone else getting unusually large amounts of rain right now?!

Now all I need to do is get through this afternoon at work (which is draaaaaaaagging).  Why do Fridays at the office always seem to creep by so slowly??  Oh, how I long for the dream job of stay-at-home blogger/writer... Who's got the hookup?!

Regardless, HAPPY FRIDAY!*
And happy weekend (soon)!
What are your plans?? 


  1. Agreed today was the slowest Friday everrrr at work!!! I just baked cookies the other day to give away BUT also stole a couple to keep at home ;) Have a great weekedn and congrats to your sister in law xo

  2. Woah happy outdoor climbing cookie monster! I am a full on cookie monster, no wayyyyy those cookies would have made the road trip with me in the car! Happy sunshiney weekender to ya's! xox!

  3. Friday really was super long!! i was counting down till i was finished up and ready to head home. i don't really have any plans this weekend, but making cookies would be a wonderful addition!!

  4. hehe yeah, i can't be near cookies and not eat them.. especially freshly baked ones!

    i just looked at your hilton head photos.. looks like suuuuch a great time! have you decided on a name for your instax? i call mine "white camera" hahaha not too original, but i also have a stuffed animal bunny from when i was a baby and his name is "bunny," soooo.. my bf calls the instax "whitey" and we call my point and shoot "blue".. can you guess what color it is? haha

  5. Cookie restraint is almost impossible! I'm proud of you guys for only sneaking one!

  6. When you figure out the hook up, let me know! That's my dream job too (except add in "Photographer").

    Your blog is adorable, btw. Glad I found it! :)

    Stephanie (Big Mario Life)

  7. mmmmm cookies.

    I want some.


    Must. Bake. Cookies.

  8. I am not a big cookie eater, but if they are home made I can not resist! Hope you had a fun weekend, I would love a stay at home job, what a dream.

  9. YES! I do know how hard it is to resist cookies- I just made some choc. chip cookies the other day and couldn't stop eating them! Yours look really yummy!


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