Monday, June 13, 2011

Hilton Head Island - Day 3

We had a 4 day, 3 night package booked at Marriott's Barony Beach villas,  so our first night in Hilton Head was spent in a Comfort Inn hotel room, and day 3 had us packing up our stuff and making our way over to the Barony Beach villas.  These villas are seriously so amazing.  We made a few (read: several) pit stops along the way to checking into our villa: coffee shop relaxing, shopping in the beach plaza, losing track of time at coco's (best bar on EARTH), and grocery shopping.  Hint: Don't go grocery shopping after you've had a few beers.  You will inevitably end up with lots of SNACKS in your cart...

Killin time till the shops open
Coolest wall EVER
Happy vacationers
Secret passage to Coco's... I've said too much!
Best place EVER
These helped with the 95 degree heat :)
Seriously, so cool
Best chicken sandwich I ever had!  And probably the cheapest!
Signs that make me smile
"Coco's 20 steps"
There she is!  Love you, ocean
Hey mon!
It's been 4 hours?  Still at Coco's?  Oops!
This pretty much sums up the awesomeness of our vacation
Hubby in deep thought... "Why is my wife so COOL?!"
Cabanas at the Marriott villas... yeah, we spent a lot of time here
All dressed up to head to dinner at Carrabbas!
Day 3 was probably one of my favorite days.  We literally lost track of time at Coco's and it was allllllright with us.  Lots of relaxing, lots of sunshine, lots of drinks.  This is what vacations are made of. 


  1. *jealous jealous jealous* That place looks like paradise!! The bar reminds me of life in Roatan & I LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of you with the wall! It's hilarious and adorable and totally what I would have done as well!

    Looks/sounds like you had an amazing time!

  2. Looks so pretty and sooo much fun! Oh how I miss the beach!

  3. Looks like y'all had an amazing time on Hilton Head and we love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing.

    -Bailey with Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort

  4. What great pictures you guys got! Looks like SUCH a fun time, and I love your dress in that last one :)

  5. I'm so super jealous of this vacation! & that bar looks amazing! I love randomly ending up at bars with my BF and spending wayy to much time there. Seriously those are some of my favorite times. And ohhh those cabanas, I'm so jealous!

  6. i love your hat!! where's it from?


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