Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hilton Head Island - Day 5

Day 5, day 5, day 5... We had another delicious breakfast on our balcony, biked around more, relaxed on the beach more, drank tasty beers some more... is this getting repetitive?  Well, good!  These are the only things you are supposed to do on vacation, so there!  Oh, and some how we ended up at Coco's again...  They must have some kind of magnetic force... I ain't complainin'!

Red Stripe, palm trees, sunshine, yup
Awesome bike paths are scattered throughout Hilton Head
Look familiar?  Coco's here we come!  ...again
"Deer and a Beer" = Shot of tequila (with a deer on the bottle) & a Coronita 2pm
Mmm, refreshing!
Coco's <3
Wine, cheese & crackers at sunset <3
Trying to act like adults in our fancy villa... FAIL
This was our last night in Hilton Head.  We were so sad to be leaving.  We ended the night on the beach at sunset, sipping wine and eating cheese & crackers as the sun went down.  Everything was perfect.  I really didn't want to go home...


  1. Love that dress! The beach looks amazing - I'm sure you guys will miss it!

  2. I hate the last night of vacation- yuck! Looks like you had an amazing time, though!


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