Monday, June 20, 2011

Good Morning!

Good morning!

I hope you enjoyed my recap of our Hilton Head Island vacation.  And I hope you didn't get sick of seeing 6 days worth of pictures from it... If so, sorry!  But I enjoyed writing them and will love to look back on those posts when I need a vacation pick-me-up. ;)

Moving on!  How was your weekend?  Mine was eventful...  Friday night was spent catching up with friends who were in town.  Saturday took us out of town for another wedding (which we missed the entire ceremony because of traffic...).  And Sunday we spent the evening at my parent's house celebrating Father's Day!

So, on Friday I had the day off work and I decided to do the "photo every hour" idea.  I am still working on the post for it, but it was fun!  It was actually kind of hard to remember to take a photo every hour, but I think I managed to be pretty successful with it.  So "a day in the life" blog post coming soon!  Scratch that... while editing these photos, I decided that this day was way too boring to dedicate a blog post to.  So I'm going to re-do this little project someday on a weekend when we have lots of exciting things going on! ;)

This was a completely pointless post...
but I just wanted to say hiiiiiiiiiiiii
& I hope your weekend was great!

Onward with the week! 

{photo - cute coffee mug my aunt got me for my birthday!}

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  1. Photo every hour? Sounds fun!

    Love that coffee cup! :)


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