Thursday, March 3, 2011

You Learn Something New Everyday!

You know how some daily planners have a bunch of pages at the beginning with random information, like: grammar, commonly misspelled words, a map of the United States, etc?  Well!  Today, I discovered that my planner has a sign language page!  It shows the hand pose for each letter of the alphabet and numbers 0 - 9.  So naturally, I taught myself my name:

I am such a nerd...
And I don't think my "N"s are completely correct.
I am blonde.
Happy Almost Friday!


  1. awesome!! what a good use of that random planner space, certainly more fun\helpful than most :) hope you're having a good thursday!

  2. Over-flowing with cute-ness!! Happy weekend! xox!

  3. haha you're so funny! i know some sign actually! i went to school at RIT in rochester and the National Technical Institute for the Deaf is on RIT's campus. Anyway, I worked on campus so I had to know some basics.

    For the "n" just let your thumb kinda poke through between your middle and ring finger.. and to make 2 "n"s in a row just make the first "n" then slide your hand over a couple of inches to the left. (to the right if you're using your right hand.) Point your "h"s the other way and you're all set! :D I can also tell you how to say "cheese" and "chicken fingers".. i worked in food service hahah


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