Friday, March 4, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday


I love 'Fill in the Blank Fridays' because it means that the weekend is near!

1.   The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is   exclamation points… if you haven’t noticed!!!!!  I guess I am just really excited about life!

2.  Today I am thankful for   Caribou Coffee & their adorable cups.

3.  My best friend is   my husband Brett, which is ideal because we get to hang out all the time!

4.  A quirky thing about me is   I do not like having the top sheet tucked in at the end of the bed.  My feet feel like they are suffocating!  Brett makes fun of me soo bad for this.

5.  This weekend I   have no set plans and it is marvelous!!  It’s supposed to get to 60 degrees on Saturday (!!) but it’s also supposed to rain… so I’m hoping it clears up for a bit so we can get outside!

6.  Something that worries me is   the house buying process.  I just want to find the perfect place to call home & not have to stress out too much about it!

7.  On my night stand you would find   an alarm clock (that we never use because we both use the alarms on our iPhones) and a piece of art that my little sister made us for our wedding.  Also, usually Brett’s glasses and iPhone are on there too.  (We only have a night stand on one side of our bed).

Come play along!
Have a great FRIDAY!!


  1. Those coffee cups are totally adorable! And I cracked up while reading this because I have an alarm clock near my bed too... and haven't used it in years because I just use my phone. No idea why I kept the alarm clock though.

  2. Those coffee cups are so cute!
    Is that the art that your sis made you guys?! So creative!!!

  3. LOVE caribou coffee...we don't have them here :( Sounds like a great week!

  4. Cute post- I love fill in the blank Fridays! My favorite is that your hubby is your best friend and that you cannot sleep with the sheets tucked in- I hate that!

  5. Love your blog!! :] That glass flower is so beautiful!! :]

  6. love the cups!
    #1 - i probably overuse...the...three...dots...
    #4 - i hate the sheets tucked in too! first thing i do at a hotel is pull out all the sheets!

  7. ha! My husband doesn't like the top sheet tucked in either, which drives me nuts, so I just got rid of the top sheet all together.


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