Wednesday, March 23, 2011

'This Little Port' Guest Post

Hi Guys!

I am guest posting over at "This Little Port" today while Gaby is away on an exciting camping and rock climbing trip with her husband!  While she's away taking in the great Australian outdoors, I'm talking all about one of my favorite parts of my honeymoon.  Hope you enjoy!

I hope your week is going wonderfully!  I had such a great time this past weekend, I'm trying to find some time to sit down and blog about it!  Weekend post coming soon (even if it means I post it a day before next weekend...).

Happy Wednesday!*

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  1. I read your post over at Gaby's blog and your honeymoon sounds perfect. I have been to Saulsilito (okay, that was very poor spelling) and it's just storybook, isn't it?


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