Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Header!

Exciting! My new header is up!
And I did it all by myself.
I'm starting to get the hang of this stuff...
Let me know what you think!

Hope you are all enjoying the last bits of the weekend.
I'm relaxing and watching the Steelers game,
while hubby Brett makes a delicious homemade Thai dinner.
I'm very thankful to have married such a wonderful cook.
Me on the other hand... I stick to baking. :)


  1. Beautiful new header! And you're lucky to have married a wonderful cook. Baking seems like less work for more rewards :)

  2. Your header looks amazing! I wish i was tech savvy enough to pull that off!

  3. @Julie - Thank you! Yes, I am so thankful that my husband can cook... I'm not so great in that area. But I can whip up a mean batch of chocolate chip cookies! And I think he appreciates that in me... haha :)

    @Gaby - Thanks so much! It surprisingly wasn't too hard!

    So glad you girls commented and led me to your blogs because I LOVE them both!! :)


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