Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Vacation Recap

So, you would think having 10 days off of work would mean that I would have more time to blog... WRONG! I had all intentions of doing multiple blog posts throughout my Christmas break, but that did not happen (with the exception of my Merry Christmas and Happy New Year posts). I thought I was going to have a lot of down time, but I ended up keeping busy pretty much the entire 10 days... hence the lack of blogging. But that's okay because I was busy doing lots of fun things... let's recap, shall we?

1. Starting break off with rock climbing & $2 pint night at Rock Bottom!
2. Had a nice dinner in before the craziness of Christmas with our families began
3. Painted my nails sparkly in honor of Christmas
4. Brett & I celebrated "Christmas Morning" on Christmas Eve morning and gave each other our gifts then. Brett got me 2 more nutcrackers to add to my collection (Pirate & Cowboy)
5. Eating breakfast off the new Pfaltzgraff place settings Brett got me to add to my collection
6. My hubby enjoying breakfast :)

1. My penguin gift wrapping
2. Drinking Bailey's Irish Cream in my coffee Christmas morning at the Heher's in Erie
3. Playing with our nephew, Bradley all day (aren't his eyes amazing?!)
4. Uncle Brett & Bradley
5. Aunt Anna & Bradley (he loves us, I swear!)
6. Back down to Pittsburgh for Christmas #2 with my family: taste testing Georgetown Cupcakes!
7. Dancing in the kitchen with Mom
8. We wore matching dresses :)
9. My cute little owl that I got from my parents (This is as close to a real pet as I'll get...)

1. Spotted some penguin ice sculptures downtown in honor of the Winter Classic
2. Found my G-Pa's name in front of Heinz Field: John H Harris
3. Went to the Carnegie Science Center to see the AWESOME train village
4. Pretty winter sunset on my way to Rollier's while Brett fixed my parent's back door
5. INSTAX MINI!!! Gift from my parents for Christmas! I have been wanting one of these for a looong time
6. Some of my polaroids on our Christmas tree

1. On the road to our New Years Eve ski trip in Ellicottville, NY
2. Adorable little ski town at night
3. Blueberry beer at the Gin Mill (where we may or may not have eaten lunch AND dinner in the same day...)
4. Darren & Brett at the Gin Mill
5. Lee & Josh playing pool at the Gin Mill
6. Me, Jess, & Jenn at the Gin Mill
7. Jess, Dale, & Jenn at the Gin Mill
8. Snowy New Years Eve morning before skiing
9. My sweet ski hat... mind you, this was my first weekend skiing EVER
10. The views on top of the mountain were AMAZING
11. Rum & diet to kick off New Years Eve at the Ellicottville Brewing Company (I know, I am pathetic for not drinking BEER at the BREWING company... but I was full!)
12. Ellicottville Brewing Company growlers... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!*

1. Recovering from New Years Eve with more beer?
2. Delicious cinnamon muffins I made
3. Mmm, muffin & coffee... heaven
4. Being a big time fashion DON'T at the grocery store... sometimes I just don't care, but Brett decided to get this one on film
5. Brett and his homemade cheesecake (I asked him to give me his best smile & this is what I got...)
6. Brett's tasty homemade general tso's chicken stir fry... SO good

So that's how I spent my Christmas vacation. It was a much needed, awesome 10 days off. Now it's back to the grind. But Brett and I are starting to plan our potential Spring beach vacation to use up our flight credit we got from United Airlines! So that is definitely something to look forward to!

And, for the record... now that the holidays are over, can we just skip this whole cold weather thing and go straight to Spring weather? Who's with me??

Happy Wednesday!!* Half way through the work week already!


  1. I'm with you girl...bring on the Spring weather! Where will you go on your Spring vacay??

    Love the pictures in your post, looks like you had a great time over Christmas! Happy New Year, girl! :) xoxo

  2. @Julia We aren't sure where we are going to go for our Spring vacation, but we are thinking possibly Southern Florida! Ever been? Any thoughts?

    Happy New Year! :)


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