Sunday, January 23, 2011

Blog Updates!

Hi friends!*

I've been updating & revamping my blog a bit over the last few days!
I updated my "About", "Contact" and "Life List*" tabs at the top under my header.
I added some buttons to my sidebar, linking to my social media sites:
twitter, youtube, vimeo, RSS feed, tumblr, and flickr.
I also added my current dailybooth picture to my sidebar, along with my twitter feed.
Link over to those sites and let's be friends!

I just added a button to my sidebar, linking to my 365 project.

Check it out!

I'm slowly working on creating a new header,
so hopefully that will be up soon...

...probably with the help of my husband


  1. Updating the blog is so exciting. I've been thinking of changing things up as well!

  2. It is exciting! Looking good, can't wait to see more. Love the buttons on the side that link up to your FB, twitter, youtube and whatnot, how did you do that?

  3. @Julia - Saw your new blog name & layout... LOVE it!

    @Amber - Thanks! I found those buttons from a website that you just type in your information and it creates them for you. I can't remember the site, but I just googled "social media buttons" and it came up!


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