Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heather Lake Hike - Kings Canyon {California 2012 Recap}

Kings Canyon National Park is awesome.  Kings Canyon is home to some of the biggest Sequoia trees in the country.  The drive in alone is breathtaking.

We stayed in the town of Three Rivers right at the entrance of the park and made sure to head in every day to explore.  One day we went on a 10 mile round trip hike up to a lake that was situated on top of a mountain.  It was a steep vertical climb up, but so worth the views.

Unfortunately, this was the only longer distance hikes we did while in Kings Canyon.  We had plans of going on many awesome long distance hikes, but... funny story:  When we arrived in Kings Canyon for "part 2" of our California vacation, I developed as serious toothache.  It was so bad that Brett ended taking me to an urgent care center in the neighboring town our 2nd day there.  Well, turns out, my tooth decided to pick the worst time ever to develop the need for a root canal.  Yeah...  But instead of getting a root canal ON VACATION, I decided to just take the medication/pain killers that the doctor gave me to relieve the pain until I got home and could get a root canal with my own dentist.  Therefore, I was on an antibiotic and Vicodin for the remainder of our vacation.  Womp.  I couldn't drink alcohol and any strenuous activity made me really dizzy and nauseous.  Hence the reason we only ended up doing one big hike while in Kings Canyon.  It kind of really sucked, but we made the best of it!

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