Sunday, November 18, 2012


If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you most likely already know...

We're going to SPAIN!!

We'll be spending time in Spain between Christmas and New Years and we seriously cannot wait.  Our plan is to fly into Madrid, hop a train to Barcelona, then back to Madrid to celebrate New Years Eve.  If you have any suggestions of must sees/dos/eats, we'd loooove to hear them!  We are trying to learn a ton about the area and any tips would be greatly appreciated.  Neither Brett nor I have ever been to Europe, so to say we are excited is an extreme understatement!

Now I just need to learn some Spanish... ;)

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  1. Super exciting! I had Spain on our list last year for spending New Years! Can't wait to see pictures of your trip! Spain is one of the few places we haven't been in Europe, so I'm looking forward to some tips!

  2. wohoo!! hope you got my email.. and yes listen to Notes in Spanish podcast starting now! Knowing a little bit of Spanish will help so much!

  3. this is amazing news! you're going to have the best time! I've been to Barcelona, but not Madrid, and I can say that Barcelona has the most beautiful beaches, take lots of photos!

  4. most important Spanish phrase...
    dos cervecas por favour
    & hopefully they'll give you tapas to go with them!!


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