Friday, July 1, 2011

Rehoboth, Here We Come!

Tomorrow morning I will be HERE!

My family has been going to Rehoboth Beach for vacation since as long as I can remember.  This beach holds such a special place in my heart.  I love it here.  Luckily, Brett and I were able to squeeze some time off work to be able to join in on the family vacation fun for a few days!  

After work today, we are heading down to DC to Lee & Jess's house.  Then tomorrow morning, bright and early, the four of us will head to the coast to meet up with the rest of my family.  I seriously cannot wait.  We aren't even there yet and I already don't want to leave...

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL fourth of July weekend!
And oh!  HAPPY JULY 1st!
It is now officially SUMMER!!!* 

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  1. Lucky! I love the beaches on your side of the country. Will you go to Dogfish Head?! That would be a must visit on my list!


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