Monday, July 11, 2011

Edinboro Lake

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with any body of water that's bigger than a bath tub.  Something about a large body of water just gets me.  Makes me so so happy.  Whether it's an ocean, a lake, or just a little pond.  I love water.

We spent the weekend at Edinboro Lake with Brett's family.  They rent a cottage there every Summer for a week, right on the water.  It's so relaxing.  Being able to sit on the porch & see the lake glistening right there in the sun makes me so happy.

We woke up super early on Saturday and headed out for a morning of rock climbing at McConnells Mills before meeting Brett's family at the cottage.  I didn't take any pictures while rock climbing (it's kinda hard to juggle a camera AND a rope that is holding your partner in the air...), but this place was very cool.  After a solid 5 hours of climbing, we headed up to Edinboro Lake where we water skiied, played with our nephews, ate Uncle Charlie's pizza, and simply relaxed.  It was blissful.  

Oh, and we celebrated Brett's 27th birthday, which is this Thursday!  :)  What did you guys do this past weekend?  Why do weekends have to be so short and go so fast?  All in favor of a 5 day weekend and 2 day work week, say I!!!


  1. Happy birthday Brett! :)

    Your weekend getaways always make me so jealous!

  2. Anna! Your families are the cutest things ever! Like loveeeee them! And also, im with ya on the body of water. I do love a bathtub too though! :) xox!

  3. I totally agree - I LOVE water. Being near it makes me so so happy! I don't think I could live in a place without water nearby.

    And I also vote for 5 day weekends. Weekends are what I live for!

  4. What a beautiful place! Seems like a PERFECT weekend to escape full of water, sun, and family!

  5. Looks like an amazing, relaxing weekend!

  6. I!!!!

    and i'm totally the same way, ocean, lake, river...and i'm there. it all just seems so relaxing!
    as far as my weekend... i worked the whole time :(

  7. so so so agree!! i'm not obsessed with the beach but any body of water! i love lakes and rivers and pools. its just such a relaxing feeling. i wish we had better lakes close by.

    as far as southern california beaches laguna beaches are defintiely my favorite. my pictures from the beaches at the Montage. Also Victoria Beach, 1000 Steps beach, West Steet Beach and Table Rock beach. These are all more local, small, not well known beaches and are beautiful! Just google them to find out how to get to them.(These are all South laguna beach beaches. There's also great ones on the North end) I suggest skipping Main Beach unless you want to do shopping and restaurants in downtown Laguna. it's just too crowded and not the real Laguna Beach Coves types beach.

    If you want to surf and boogie board, San Clemente has the best beaches for that. Calafia is our favorite and the San Clemente Pier beach and T-street are always fun.

    Hope you have fun!

  8. the lake looks gorgeous! I want to learn how to waterski... wonder if I'd have the patience to learn :/


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