Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rehoboth Beach Vacation 2011

Over the Fourth of July, my family spent the week (they're still there) at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.  Luckily, Brett and I were able to join in on the fun for a couple days.  We drove down to DC on Friday after work and stayed with Lee & Jess.  Then on Saturday morning, the four of us drove to Rehoboth Beach for a fun-tastic vacation with the family!  We were there for four days and headed home on Tuesday.  The rest of the fam is there until this coming Saturday.  It kills me to be sitting in this office right now, knowing they are still there enjoy the beach!

I guess I'll just have to pretend I'm still there by looking through my photos... 

Now do you see why I am so depressed?  Rehoboth is so beautiful, relaxing, and care-free.  I love that beach town attitude.  And now that I'm back in Pittsburgh (and back to work, womp), I have full-blown "post vacation depression".  The only cure for that?  ...Start planning our NEXT vacation!!! ;) 

More Rehoboth photos coming right up!


  1. Looks SO relaxing. Love those daisies, very pretty. And 14 mph? Kinda random, but funny :)

  2. ah gorgeous! i was wondering what beach you were at when i saw your instagram photos! i've never heard of rehoboth, but it looks great!

    ah, it is hard to be back at work knowing your family is at the beach! my family did this to me once.. i couldn't take off work and they went to alaskaaaaaa. i wanted to fight people. haha not really.. but kind of.

  3. Okay, now I want to go to Rehoboth! I've never heard of it until I read your blog post- it looks and sounds amazing!


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