Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hilton Head Island VLOGS

So, while I'm away on vacation for the next couple days, I thought I'd leave you with some videos from our Hilton Head trip...

My husband makes fun of me because I always talk about how I want to start VLOGGING but am too scared.  So all throughout our Hilton Head trip, Brett would press record and MAKE me vlog.  I can't believe I'm even posting these videos.  Here ya go... my first VLOGS!  So awkward...



(it's only fair to make Brett vlog too, right??)

Welp, there you have it... my first VLOGS.  I understand if you don't want to be friends anymore because I'm so awkward...  Oh!  I have an idea!  I think I'm going to make my entire family vlog at the beach this week... What do you think?  This could make for some GREAT footage... on it! 

Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend!!*


  1. Great vlogs! Hope you can get the whole family in on it this week :)

  2. I love these! You guys are so cute :) I hope you can get some of the fam, that'd be great!

  3. Hilarious! You definitely should do more vlogs; it's easy to see you and your husband have a great time together.

  4. I like the vlogs! Hilton Head is a fun place.
    One thing that made me laugh was how you pronounced Macon, GA. I'm from Georgia and we say it like May-kin. It's always fun to see how people from different places say things.
    Love reading your blog!
    and Mellow Mushroom's calzones are awesome.


  5. I'm a newbie here and I am loving it!
    Please stop by and enter our Lulu*s Giveaway We'd love to meet you.

  6. these are amazing videos!!! you 2 are so cute....and now i want to ride my bike on the beach!

  7. I only just got around to watching these! I usually read blogs at work so can't watch vids..

    You guys are hilarious! Loved your hubby's vlog and you are super awkward!! HAHAHA (we can still be friends tho right?)

    I totally want to ride a bike on a beach now!!


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