Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Climbing and Camping at Coopers Rock

This past weekend, Brett and I headed down to Coopers Rock, WV for a fun-filled weekend of rock climbing and camping!  We are slowly becoming borderline obsessed with climbing.  It is such a fun outdoor activity.  And I especially love that Brett and I have something really active that we do together as a team.  Brett and I are really active people to begin with, but climbing is on a whole other level.  Basically, it's awesome and we're obsessed.

We left bright and early Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon, staying at the campground in the state park.  We also headed into town Saturday night for dinner at Black Bear Burrito and drinks at Morgantown Brewing Company.  Morgantown is a fun little town!

Onto some pictures...

So much fun.  We can't wait to get back down there.  Luckily, Coopers Rock is only about an hour south of our house, so I have a feeling we'll be back many, many more times this Summer!  Those burritos from Black Bear Burrito alone will lure me back... ;)

Oops on posting my weekend recap post half way through the week...  Life is busy, busy!  Tonight, we are going to see OAR play downtown.  We used to listen to them all the time in college, especially when the weather finally warmed up (a rare occasion in Johnstown...).  We are meeting some college friends there, so it should be a good time!  It's an outdoor concert and it's currently 95 degrees outside, so yeeeeeah....  HOWEVER!  I am NOT complaining because I would take 95 degree heat over 5 degree cold ANY day.

What are you guys up to?!


  1. um, wow... that rock is not small! i'm impressed! we are planning a camping trip this weekend and this post has made me even more excited for friday to roll around!

  2. hey girl! i found your blog through 20sb and love it! :) now following you!

    i LOVE camping and me and my boyfriend go as often as possible!

  3. so glad to see you guys are climbing! yay! looks like an awesome weekend :)


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