Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bum Foot Brett

Sooo, this past weekend didn't go exactly as planned...

On Saturday, Brett and I headed out for a great day of hiking and rock climbing.  Well, it did NOT turn out to be a great day.  We hiked up the mountain to the same place we went a couple weekends ago.  It was supposed to be nice outside but it just stayed cold and rainy all day.  We bouldered around on the rocks for a bit but everything was pretty damp.  Then, after only about an hour of being there, Brett was climbing a rock and came to jump down onto the crash pad, only to miss the pad by about 3 inches, landing his foot on a rock.  I didn't guide him down to the pad correctly either.  FAIL.  His foot hurt pretty bad, so we stopped climbing and hiked back down the mountain.  The whole drive home, Brett examined his foot and just knew it was broken.

On Sunday, we went to an Urgent Care center where they took an x-ray of Brett's foot and yup... broken.  We were/are so bummed.  It was just starting to get nice outside and we were really looking forward to getting outside as much as possible to go climbing, hiking, running, etc.  On Monday, we went to an Orthopedic doctor who put him in one of those walking casts that he can take on and off.  The doctor said it wasn't too bad of a break, so he should heal fairly quickly.  That is good news!

Now, we were supposed to be going on our Hilton Head vacation next week!  But with Brett's broken foot, we decided to push it back to the middle of May.  It wouldn't be very fun for Brett to be hobbling along the sand!  We are actually even more excited to go in May instead of next week.  The weather will be much better and we were upgraded to a nicer resort because the original one we were staying in was booked.  So now instead of "8 days until Hilton Head!", it's "37 days until Hilton Head!"  By then, Brett's foot should be completely back to normal and we can frolic through the sand and ocean like planned. :)

So that's what I've been up to!  What have YOU guys been up to lately??

Happy Wednesday!  Half way through the week!*


  1. sad day!! Poor guy :( Glad you two are still excited for your new and improved trip to Hilton Head!!

  2. What a bummer! But your vacay will just be that much sweeter when it finally gets here :)

  3. oh my gosh, i'm so sorry! boo! the good thing about pushing your vacation back is that at the time when your vacation woooould have been over, you'll still have your vacation to look forward to!
    i hope he feels better asap!

  4. Oooh :( I've never had a broken bone, so I can only imagine how aggravating it is! :(

    Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for him!!!

    We haven't been up to much, just cleaning and reorganizing and decorating our bedroom/living room/office in one. ^_^

  5. Oh no, that really sucks! I know that i've missed a bouldering mat more than once... Luckily i have yet to break anything as a result. Hope you guys can keep smiling until your vacation in may! xx

  6. Oh no! I hope that hammock heals his broken foot in time for the thirty seven days til sand and sunshine! xox!

  7. Oh man, poor Brett! Sorry you have to wait for Hilton Head, but at least you guys still get to go! :)

  8. Oh no.. I hope his foot his quickly! There will still be a lot of summer left to hiking and running after it's healed :]

  9. Thank you all for the well wishes!! He is doing better everyday! :)

    What a great blogging community... some of the nicest people I've ever "met". xoxo


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