Friday, April 22, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday


1.   Fridays are   GREAT!  But not as good as Saturdays! 

2.    My husband, coffee, and road trips   make me terribly happy.

3.  Something that inspires me is   seeing people take risks to do what they love… and succeeding.

4.  If I had the day off today I would   hang out with Brett all day because he gets the day off!

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is   earthy, relaxing, and OURS.  All of our décor has a special meaning to us.  We don’t just by wall art or home décor from places like Target.  We like to find unique things that have a story and that we know no one else will have hanging on their walls.   

6.  Concerning politics I would say I'm   not interested.  They all suck.

7.  I'd like to go to   Costa Rica    so I could   go hiking in the rain forest and zip-lining along side monkeys!!

As always, play along here!

Happy FRIDAY!*
And more importantly, Happy Earth Day!
(I hear Starbucks is giving away free coffee
if you bring your own travel mug!)


  1. I love your answer to number 6! haha! I feel the same way most of the time.

    Happy Earth Day to you too!

  2. I couldn't agree more with your answer for #6. That is my exact answer - not interested.


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