Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hefeweizen Brewing & a Super Mario Video

This past Saturday, I helped Brett brew some beer!  Usually this is something he does on his own.  But with a bum foot, he needed some help.  I gladly agreed because we were brewing a hefeweizen!  ...basically my favorite beer.  I brewed with Brett once before and this time around was way more fun.  We opened up the garage (where he brews) and were able to enjoy the beautiful day, while creating a deeeeelicious brew.  It went a little something like this...

 Fueling for brew day.


Getting distracted by pretty things...
Hey, I AM a girl!

Taking pictures of really random things...

Ending the night at the bar with pizza & a hefeweizen...
that isn't nearly as good as ours will be!
(It takes a couple weeks before you can actually drink it,
but I KNOW it will be awesome!)

And now I will leave you with a video (I can't believe I'm posting this...).  After we got home from the bar, we played some Super Mario Brothers on the Wii.  I am ALWAYS toad because I love the noise he makes every time he is given more lives.  I often make the noise with him...

On that note... hopefully now you feel a little better about yourself because you are not as crazy as I am.  Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start!  Happy hump day!*


  1. We brewed twice this weekend... once at a friend's condo, and once at ours. Both city places, with stairs and no garages. My husband is so jealous of anyone who has a basement or garage they can dedicate to brewing! I am kind of afraid if we ever buy a house that he will totally take over part of it for his brewery!

    Sounds like you guys had a great weekend!

  2. This sounds like such a fun day. I always get such a kick out of doing totally new things (for me brewing beer would definitely fall under that umbrella). Actually, it's pretty funny a friend of mine has been going on and on and on about how he just ordered a beer brewing kit. If he promises to make a hefeweizen or blonde ale he may be able to convince me to help!

  3. hahahaha my dog just barked at you when i played the video hahahaha

    that is so cool that you guys are brewing beer! so fun!

    don't feel bad.. i had to google how to make my picture move! i am not good at explaining things, but i will try haha..

    i took 2 images standing in the same spot while the wind shook the tree then uploaded them into this website called (there's a thing called "animated image generator"- upload them there.) that's basically it! i'm sure there is a way to actually make the gif yourself, but i have noooo idea how to do that!

  4. hefeweizen, that's what my friends and i always get here :)


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