Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Tea, Sparkly Nails, & Random Countdowns

Some random countdowns for your Thursday afternoon:

~36 days until we see the Avett Brothers in concert

~29 days until warm, sunshiney, relaxing Hilton Head Island bliss

~28 days until my 26th birthday

~23 days until Lee & Jess's wedding

~18 days until Brett is done with the walking boot

~16 days until we see The Bridge in concert

~9 days until Jess's bachelorette party

~7 days until my much-needed hair appointment
(you don't even want to know how long it's been...)

~2 days until we brew a hefeweizen (my FAVE!)
(Brett usually brews beer by himself
but with a broken foot
he's going to need some assistance
and I have volunteered!)

~1 day until the weekend!

What are you counting down to lately??
PS - My current sparkly french manicure makes me really happy!


  1. love the nails! so pretty!

    and countdowns are so fun!

  2. i stole ur picture (not this one) the one below.. hope u dont mind. is awesome. and i like ur nails to. and mug collection.


  3. oh i should mention. its here.

    im new to this commenting melarky

    ana (again)

  4. Woo!!! Lots of fun stuff!!! :D

    I *love* your nails! They are amazing!

  5. hefeweizen... YUM. We speak the same beer language. :)

    You know what, I think I may just have myself a beer! It's good to work from home some days.

  6. Your nails are so cute! I love sparkly things!!!

    Right now, I am counting down to Adele's concert in June. And to summer :)

    xoxo, Ana

  7. I'm counting down to being finished yoga teacher training, only a few more weeks! x

  8. Your nails are so cute! You must have a really steady hand! :)

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun things coming up to look forward to!

  9. Love your nails! & so many amazing things to be counting down to!

    I have 22 days until graduation and 32 days until my birthday! May will be amazing!!

    Happy Weekend!

  10. All sorts of fun stuff! I have very little specific planned on my calendar right now, so I can't think of what to count down to. Maybe 2 days until I go to town cooking and devouring Easter brunch, with multiple mimosas!

    Your nails look awesome with the sparkle tips! Also, I'm new to reading your blog, and this was the first time I saw mention that your husband homebrews. We do too! Check out my last post-- just last night we had two other homebrew couples over for a beer-centric dinner, and it was a blast!

  11. fun post! love your countdowns!


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