Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Long Rustibu...


So!  It's been a while, I know.  Well, life has been pretty much CRAZY since last Monday.  Let's recap the last week in the life of Anna...  (This is long; I don't blame you if you don't read it.)

Ok, so last Monday I take my car (its name is Rustibu) into a local shop for its inspection after work.  Brett and I had to share a car while mine was in the shop.  So I'm praying that there isn't much wrong with it and it can just pass inspection.  Keep in mind, I have a 1997 Chevy Malibu (don't make fun of me).  I get a call Tuesday saying it needed $365 worth of work to pass inspection, so after a large sigh, I say... fine okay, do it.  I need it to pass inspection so I can drive it.  So Brett and I shared a car for 2 days and I picked my car up Wednesday night...

The next day (the first day I had my car back) Brett and I went out to dinner.  On our way home, oh boy!  My brakes decide to stop working.  STOP WORKING.  As in, I'm driving and I press the brake and it does NOTHING.  Um, most terrifying feeling ever.  Luckily, I was on a flat part of the road and didn't ram into the car in front of me.  I start freaking out to Brett, who was in the passenger seat.  As I'm driving... "Um, my brakes DON'T WORK!"  Brett says, "What?!"  "MY BRAKES DON'T WORK!"  Thankfully, Brett was very calm and coached me through it.  He told me to put on my 4 ways (emergency flashers) and just keep rolling down the road, until we find a flat side street we can turn off to.  Cars are passing me on this main road because I'm going so slow, trying to find a flat street to pull off on.  Finally, we find one.  I turn left onto it and coast until I stop.  I get out of the car and have a mini heart attack.  Brett checked everything out and realized that one of my brake lines had blew out.  AKA no brakes.  Fun.  So we had to call AAA to tow my car because it was obviously not drivable.  After waiting for an hour and a half (!?!), the tow truck finally came and towed my car away to a nearby Sears Auto Center.  I called my dad and he came, picked us up and took us home to our house at 1:00am (THANKS DAD!).  

So Friday rolls around and we are back to sharing 1 car.  This is not fun.  Sears checked out my car and called Brett to tell him what was wrong.  Oh, ya know... just $1,000 worth of things wrong!  Basically, I needed an entire new brake system for it to be drivable again.  Keep in mind, this is a 1997 Chevy Malibu... meaning it was NOT worth $1,000 to fix it.  So we decided to sell it and get myself a new car.

Over the weekend, we were in Erie visiting the in-laws, so we couldn't do much car related.  Then came Monday and I was sick and home from work... yuck.  But I did manage to post my car on Craigslist!  We got a lot of responses.  Tuesday... still sharing a car... yuck.  I decide to get a rental car for the week, so I can get to work easier and so we can drive it around while looking for a new car.  After we picked up the rental car after work, we made an appointment with someone who wanted to come see my car.  So we took them to see it and they said they want it!!  We just have to get all the paperwork straightened out and then it will be off our hands!  I'm so happy it worked out with the FIRST person that looked at it.  It's bittersweet.  That Chevy Malibu was my first car.  Rustibu has a lot of great memories in it.  I hope these people give it love just like I did. :) 

So here we are at Wednesday... I've got a rental car, a broken down car in the Sears parking lot pending sale, and a pre-approved car loan for a new car... sooo, let the car search begin!

THAT'S what I've been up to.... Life has decided to go crazy on me this last week and until I have officially sold my old car and am sitting in my new car, it will probably continue to be crazy.  So please, bear with me!  Hopefully I'll be back to reading your blogs and replying to your comments shortly! xoxo

I did, however, finally update my 365 in Year 25 blog, so check it out!


  1. That sucks! And it must've been terrifying when your brakes stopped working. Hang in there! I'm sure you'll find a new car soon. x

  2. OMG. That's so scary! My boyfriend reminds me that if this were to ever happen to me, I have to pull the emergency brake. Thank goodness you weren't alone! Glad you're back and you're okay! Getting a new car is so much fun!

  3. oh cars...the necessary evil. good luck with things!!

  4. yikes. that is TERRIFYING. i'm glad you guys are alright! thank gosh your husband knew what to do.. i would have been in shock.

  5. Thanks for your concern, guys! Hoping to find a new car this weekend :)


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